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12016/08/2002JohnNicholasHi, I was at verdala from 1958 to 1961/2. I think I was in 4B before going to Tal-Handaq for a further 6 years. I remember Mr. Ross (deputy Head) and Adrian Newman and Valerie Duncan were friends. Can anyone jog my memory a bit more?
11916/08/2002JohnNicholasI'm off to Malta in a few weeks time, second time this year. Parents are still there living in Pieta! I remember Tigne beach, roller skating at Manoel Island,the Naafi, Crazy bus drivers, playing marbles behind the rope net, sliding down Balluta Shute, relays against St Andrew and Luqa schools, failing my 11 plus, back seats at the Majestic cinema and the chip shop in Tower Hill. Does anyone else?
11809/08/2002VeraNorth / Head of infantsI have been persuaded to sign in and say I have wonderful memories of Verdala, especially the lone palm tree and hundreds of children careering round the playground all looking so suntanned and happy! Good wishes to you all!
11709/08/2002JimBrechinFantastic site, full of memories. Some of these were vague but comments on the site have prompted flashbacks. Can't remember any classmates but my teacher was Mr. Ross.
11605/08/2002KevinTaylorI started school at Verdala at the age of 4 in 1965 and left in 1967. I lived at Marshall Court in Gzira, don't remember too much other than the school buses racing eachother every morning.
11505/08/2002JohnNicholasI was at Verdala from 1958 to 1962 leaving in class 4B then Tal-Handaq to 1968. In Drake house. Cannot remember many names, Adrian Newman and Valerie Duncan come to mind. Anyone remember me?
11405/07/2002PaulReadingsLeaving Verdala in '63 was both exciting, because I was returning to the UK and also quite disheartening to know I was leaving many newly formed friendships behind. I am sorry to say that it is only recently this year,that I have been in touch with one family who left at the same time as my family. Apart from that, contact has been zero. It is with pleasure that I read the notes on this site which remind me of just how lucky I was to have experienced the attention and close community of Verdala. No other school left me hoping to return. Some day I will.
11326/06/2002StevenLockHaving looked at the 1964 cubs photo I would like to add my name to the list. I am front row no. 6 and directly behind me is Anthony Simpson. I have fond memories of a great school with disciplinarians as our tutors. Mr. Why comes to mind. I will regularly visit this wonderful site. I am living in N>Devon UK
11217/06/2002garyfoxa great beginning keep improving your site!
11112/06/2002stevegwilliamGreat site! Met up with my best mate for the 1st time in 30 yrs!, Vincent Ramsey. I had a great time! I hope other people meet their best friends too!
11011/06/2002Lesley AnnGibson (nee Brown)Just to let anyone know that my e-mail address has changed to the above. Apologies to anyone who has been trying to contact me.
10910/06/2002StephenWestacottExcellent site and, as everyone says, how the memories flood back of Verdala 57-60. Nelson House. I remember particularly Miss Stinton with her big floral dresses (I think I was a little in love!) and the excellent Roy Jenkins - the kind of teacher that the Govt adverts try and tell you about.I was in at least two oif the pantos and am quietly embarrased by the photos on the site of me as Hans in Pied Piper and as some sort of officer in the sci fi thing. I was Captain/Vice of Nelson in 59/60 serving with Angela someone. Also recall Anne Mintoff, Marion Ellis and my best fried Michael Beattie. Sound trite but - keep up the good work.
10810/06/2002MadeleineAdams nee KnightLiving in England after many years in Rhodesia. Married with two daughters.
10709/06/2002LindsayFreemanIwas at Verdala from 1955-57, leaving at the age of 7. Fond memories of the school and being a snowflake in the pantomime!!
10604/06/2002RogerJonesThis is indeed an excellent site.
10526/05/2002clintmuscathi. i'm clint and i have seen your website. it is very nice. i have to tell you that i'm student at the same school you went when you were kids. nothing has been changed. just one thing. we have put a tuck shop at that big white building. now we use it as the form 2 block. if you want some information about the school nowadays you can send me emails. thak you
10424/05/2002MarkUttleyWas only at Verdala for about a year,in Mrs Hortons class.My younger brother Graham was also at the school & thinks he is in the climbing frame photo.We lived initially in Sliema,and then in Gunlayer St,Floriana.My father was a Royal Marine,and Q.M.S of Zulu troop 45 commando Imtarfa.My brother and I revisited the school in summer 2000.Have the classrooms been altered?because they seem very small now.
10320/05/2002ChrisMacLorgHi Verdalans ! I only spent one year at Verdala (Oct '56 to July '57). I was in Miss Candy's class (4C) and hated it ! I found her fussy and silly. Miss Butters was another teacher I remember, and she was very kind.I also remember Miss Veasey, and Commander Painter. Although I hated the lessons, I loved the school surroundings. Can't remember many of my classmates - an American - Terry Woodward, and a boy called Anderson. When I transferred to Tal Handaq everything came right, and I spent the happiest 18 months of my school life there !! Dad was on HMS Forth, berthed at Msida Creek - mother swan to her submarines ! Anybody else out there whose Dad was on the ship at the same time ? We lived initially at Fklat 5, 81A Tower Road, Sliema, then at St Julians Court, Ballutta.
10216/05/2002CarolSibbaldIt's wondeful to see something back from your childhood. When you travelled around so much, you had lots to gain, but also lots to forget. I wish I could remember the names of people I was at school with. It is sites like this that stir those memories and he me to remember.
10109/05/2002DerekHollebon1964 clubs- I was in the back line, forth from the left.
9904/05/2002LindaBishop (nee Broadbent)Thanks to Martin Powell for finding me and directing me here. Great web site and thanks. My years Autumn term 1960- Autumn term 62. I was 8 years old when I joined in 1C then 2B, 3B. I remember my teachers: Miss Townsend, Mr Jenkins. Fond memories one of my best schools. Only remember two class friends: Caroline Duffield and Druscilla Webb. Where are they now? I remember the Peter and the Wolf production - I think I left Malta after this. We lived in Sliema, St Margarets Road and then above the Golden Harvest along Tower Road. I have kept my school reports and Calender for 1961-62. I'll post this to the web site. Hope to hear from others.
9830/04/2002DeniseCousinsFound this site by accident and look forward to sending some photos so that 1970's have some info on them
9730/04/2002PhilipClarkExtremely fond memories of my time spent at Verdala from aged 5 in 1966 to 7 in 1968. The only name I can recall at present is fellow student Fiona Watson. Hope to discover more through this web site. Brilliant!
9627/04/2002Nicola-JayneChapmanWould love to get in contact with Trudy Wells who was my best friend between 1966 and 1968
9425/04/2002stevegwilliamI went to Verdala in 1971, my best mate was Vincent Ramsay, had to leave early in 1972, because of Mintof.My name at school was steve wrenn.
9318/04/2002KarenSutherlandFor all of you that were in Mr Collins class in 73/74 have a look in the uploaded pictures for 1970 - see if you recognise yourself or anybody else - and if you can, remind me or the surnames!! I was also in the netball team mentioned earlier - though do not have any photos - how did we do ? I do not remember winning many matches!
9217/04/2002PhilPitcherVerdala infant 1957 - 9, 5 to 7 years old. As the song goes - thanks for the memories
9117/04/2002BeMardelHello from San Francisco, California! I am a cousin of Liz Mardel in England and she introduced me to your handsome web site. I spent a week in Malta in the 70's and have never forgotten its charm and beauty. I am a Religious of the Sacred Heart -- St. Julian is our school in Malta.
9015/04/2002LoisReedLooking forward to seeing some names which might ring a bell. I think I was there 55/56.
8914/04/2002RichardHodgeHi, I was a pupil at Verdala 1957 to 1958. Liz Mardell has passed info through my mother that a peice I wrote in 1958 is on "Junior Writings". Apart from "why on earth should someone save one of my essays" my question is " how do i access it?". Thankyou for this website, it brings back many happy memoreis.
8812/04/2002Peter M.F.ReaWas at Verdala from 1959 to 1960 with brother Ralph and sister Marion.
8708/04/2002KevBradfordThis site has brought back many a happy memeory of my childhood in Malta and especialy the good times I had at Verdala
8629/03/2002KarenPercivalSpent my first years of infant school at Verdala, 1965-1967 Can't remember much about it. I know I was in Hawkins group. Was in L Charleworths class to begin with and finished in Miss Mitchells class. Had a friend named Geraldine Maguire and lived in St Julians Court.
8526/03/2002GerardHawkesI'm stunned, so many memories, but so few names that I remember.I was at Verdala from 1952-1954, and loved it. Playing "marbles" hanging on the Nets, carving bits of Sandstone, and "Sunburn" oh I remember the "Sunburn" - no Factor 15 in those days, just blisters. Even enjoyed the "Cubs". The only teacher I remember was Miss Robertson, and the "Head", Cdr Bellamy. I was at sea with his son in B.I.S.N.Co. Regards to all Gerry Hawkes
8422/03/2002SamCooksonI don't remember anybody at Verdalla! I was 5 years old and was there between 1960 - 1962. If you dont recall me you may remember my elder brother Danny. I was simply amazed to discover this website, I was staggered that so many people went to Verdalla! I was beginning to think my brother and I were the only ones!! It certainly brought back many happy memories, milk shakes for breaktime, khaki uniforms and crazy maltese bus drivers!!
8321/03/2002DeniseCousinsInteresting looking at everyones comments.I have quite a lot of photos from Verdala from 1973-1976.In touch occasionally with Trudy Curtis.Any of the netball team still out there?
8219/03/2002MelanieUsherWhat a fab site! I have always said my happiest childhood memories were when we lived in Malta. I was there from 67 - 69. I was a mere baby when I started at Verdala. Infants - 1st year I guess - I am sure that a Miss Todd/Todds was one of my teachers. Does anyone know that to be correct or is it a figment of my imagination? I remember stories of a ghost "The Blue Lady" or it could have been "Grey"!, walking between two particular classrooms. The older kids frightened us little ones to death & on one occasion, even dressed up as the "coloured" lady! Had my first kiss by a boy call Timothy at the ripe old age of 6! I have a year book - must dig it out and put on some more piccys. I thought I was in love with an older boy called David something - could have been Harkis? Not that he knew I even existed - he was in year 4 something!
8119/03/2002MelanieUsherIt was always a source of constant amusement to my parents, that because I was so small, my tie hung down below the hem of my dress! I was in the "red" house. Which house was that - can anyone tell me? I can't remember which colours represented which house name -I just knew that on sports day, I had to run for my life! I remember the regular checks of hair & nails by the nurse too! Even more disgustingly, I remember her ringing my Mum and telling her not to panic, but that I had nits and that as soon as I came home from school that night, they must be treated. My Mum picked me up from school immediately and I didn't go back for a week! Oh, the Shame of it! I was in a class with Maria Holland, Fiona Macleod, Gillian Scriven, Amanda somebody - wish I could remember her name. I have contacted Fiona and would love to contact Maria. Anyone know her by any chance?
8017/03/2002RachelWilkinson / WebbWhat a wonderful site, I've just spent a couple of hours back in the sixties, also myself on the 64-65 Brownies photo. Great memories, I must look out my old pics!
7914/03/2002JanetMerriman / WitcherAttended Verdala from 1952 to 1955. Also attended Tal Handaq from 1958 to 1961. My brother John, also attended. I now live in Adelaide, South Australia and have done so since mid 60s.
7814/03/2002JohnDerrickA fantastic site and well done. All those old memories come flooding back. Time has elapsed and names forgotten but momories and experiences gained whilst at the school between 62 and 65 are treasured for ever.
7705/03/2002MartinShawHi everyone, I was not at Verdala, but attended Luqa Primary and Tal Handaq. I am grateful to the guest book for providing links to siblings that attended Tal Handaq when I was there. Thankfully I was able to contact Christianne Morris, whos' father was my 1st Form teacher. Looking into ones past through this Crystal ( Net)ball can be rewarding. If anyone knows of a site for Luqa School please let me know. Thanks Martin
7604/03/2002ChrisJenkinsWhere are they? So far three members of Class 4AJ of 1963/4 (very ably presided over by Ken Radford)have signed on: Myself, Jim Woodhams and Jane Radford. I have seen Paul Rutter's name at FriendsR and have communicated with him. Jim Woodhams, is also in touch with Richard King. There are many more out there. Does anybody know the whereabouts of: Nick Holloway (last heard of as a senior Food Technologist at M&S circa 1984); Jan Walters; Sandra Clark, Cathy Owen, Jonathan Edwards (tall lad, red-haired); Caroline Trubshaw; Ken Gadd; Michael Deas; Alan Wilder; Kelvin Holland, to name just a few? Look forward to hearing from you. Chris Jenkins
7526/02/2002KarenSutherland / StewartWhat a trip down memory lane. I was attended Verdala in 1973/74 and was in Mr Collins class. My brother Iain was also there at the same time (can't quite remember which class but he is three years younger than me)Of all my school memories (and being a child of a serviceman I went to a few!!)This is the school I remember with most fondness. I have some photos of the whole class and of other people, some of the names escape me now plus somewhere - probably still with my parents I have some other bits and bobs from my time there. I will get the photos scanned on this weekend and send them in and search out the rest. I would love to know what has happened to all the people in my class. The things I most remember are making kites (not sure why!) - a school variety show. Playing in the recorder group. One of the mini buses crashing on the way home from school one day - I think there were one or two nasty injuries. I seem to remember one or two in our class being off for a while.
7425/02/2002SteveWhyMy Dad - John Why - who was a member of staff from 1962-70, forwarded me your website details. What a trip down Memory Lane! Well done, and keep up the great work. I was at Verdala from 1963-69, and appear in your "Cubs 66-67" picture, seated at M-1. Those wonderful days are never to be forgotten and, indeed, have driven me to live forever under the sun - now living in Hawaii. I am sure Dad and Mum are now busy in the UK searching for pictures to send. It will be good to see whoelse signs up. Best regards - Steve Why
7321/02/2002GretaCantwell / HamlettI have loved looking through this site. My discovery of it has coincided with a recent 'lifestory-writing' exercise, and it has been wonderful to know that my memories are also other peoples'. I look forward to contacting anyone who remembers me; and please keep adding pictures - none of ours have survived the moves since 1957!
7220/02/2002PeterPrictoeI was at this school, then called the Dockyard School, from 1934 to 1938. A few years ago I met Josephine Ellis-as she was when a child but I regret to say she has now died. her brother Patrick also lived in the Portsmouth area. Last December I visited Malta and found the school gates still there and the anchor badge but the name has changed as it is in the Maltese educational system.
7115/02/2002MartinEbbensI and my sister Shirley attended Verdala 1958 - 1961. This site has brought back many fond memories, in particular the photo gallery. Thanks Martin Ebbens
7013/02/2002VivianWightman / JamesThe site certainly brings back memories. There's an awful lot of background about which I had absolutely no idea.
6907/02/2002JanGriffiths / ArmstrongHi back in 1966 I was Janice Griffiths my brother is in the photo of the 1966 football team. We lived in Kalafrana and unfortunately had to leave when the goverment requested the forces to go.
6806/02/2002DavidPlowrightHello, I've really enjoyed reading the memories on this site, and remembering the many fun things we did at Verdala, especially the climbing nets and marbles (remember the shoe boxes with cut out goals. If your marble went in you won whatever number was over the goal). Some of the names seem familiar, but none are conclusive. I was there from 1955-58, so it's pretty hard to remember. I found a photograph of me and three of my sisters, Janice, Susan, and Irene (all Plowrights then) in our school uniforms. When I figure out how my scanner works I'll add it to the gallery. One name I do remember is John Lockhart. He had a sister, Carol maybe? Hope to hear from you. Best wishes, Dave Plowright in the wild and wonderful hills of West Virginia!
6705/02/2002PeterDearingAt Verdala 1961-1963 if my memory serves me right.
6626/01/2002StuartLundyAfter seeing this site I managed to get hold of a couple of old school magazines (1969 & 1970) from my parents and scan them. I thought it might be a good idea to knock up a quick web site, in my fathers name, in order to display them, so if you fancy a read, then go to: (The web site is sometimes unavailable, but hit refresh a fe times and it should appear). Regards Stuart Lundy
6523/01/2002NeilBoothI was looking at the Maltise Government website and saw the proposal for the Cottonera Sports Complex which is to be built on the site of the school playing fields.I hope the Skinks find a new place to live.I think the rest of the old school buildings are to remain intact,the complex is to have Indoor bowls,Tennis,Handball,Basketball courts but sadly no Marbles arena.
6423/01/2002JulianHaywardFollowing on from Neil's comments, visit this URL to see the latest picture of what our old school looks like at the moment.
6323/01/2002JulianHaywardOops, here's the link:
6221/01/2002WalterAttardI attended RN School Verdala from 1961 - 1964. I think I was in Nelson House but unforunately cannot remember any of my school friends. I still have a few school reports which I will try to send. I would be happy if anyone who remembers me send me an E Mail. By the way, I was the only Maltese in my class.
6120/01/2002PaulineGarraty now FentonMinshull..In an attempt to jog memories of anyone visiting the site it might be useful to mention the second name of my parents which was different to mine..Brian and Iris Minshull, I also had a small brother Kim. Rather than send me to Haldaq when I was eleven, my parents sent me to the local Maltese private Convent School in Vittoriosa. From reading everyone's submissions about Haldaq I obviously missed a great deal of fun!!
6017/01/2002JulianHaywardWhat a wonderful site! I attended Verdala between July 1968 and January 1972 (a significant political event). Arguably my happiest times were when I was at this school. I felt compelled to add something after seeing a picture with Vincent Ramsey's name. I was in his class. I am now a software engineer working in London. Julian
5916/01/2002PeterLant (Plant)1957-59 I lived the terrors of Miss Rowe in the 3rd year down in the ditch (and she never gave me my pencil sharpener). But the bright side was if the duty cook in the barracks was friendly you could beg bread pudding. Went on to Mr Ross' class in the fourth year back in the main school but with no bread pudding. Good to see the progarnmme for the Pied Piper in 1958. I was a sailor rat and am searching for a photo to put on the site. What a good one!
5815/01/2002TronieBrownMy sister (Lesley)and I (Tronie) used to live in Malta and attend this school in the 1960's (late). I will have to really think of some names to put together on this website here! Is Philip Kitson around?
5712/01/2002RStevensonWhat a site this is for bringing back memories. I dug out an old autograph book to see if there were any names in it that I compare on site. So far not many. i did recognise myself in the Nelson football team in Chris Jenkins album though. I also have in name in by autograph book!
5609/01/2002ChrisRuffleyAttended Verdala between 1957 and 1959. Class teacher was Mr Ross and a member of White House. White House seems to have become St Vincents
5508/01/2002LindaCooperGrateful thanks for this website. Had not envisaged the possibility that I would be able to share my wonderful memories of Verdala with anyone. Attended 1953/57 (Nelson house)as my father worked at Dingli. Stayed in Rudolph Lane and Caledonian Mansions Tigne. I too remember Miss Vasey & Mrs Farrugia. Also nostalgic memories - famous net, exercise bars, tuck shop and after-school ballet lessons. Special thanks to Mick Cook for class photo 1B.J 1954.
5408/01/2002christinejohnstoni was at school here (I called it Tal Handaq) from 1972 -74 I was in the 6th form doing A levels - I have not heard the name of anyone I recognise - my friends and Gill and Lynne lived in Sliema and we used to frquent a brilliant nightclub at St. Julians -name escapes me - I studied English and History. **Note- Christine advised to divert to the Tal Handaq site(verdala webmaster).
5308/01/2002ChrisBraceyWell what awonderful site. The memories flood back. Now I am off to find photos!
5208/01/2002NeilBoothI can remember there was a large shell from a ships (I think it was black) gun outside the main block. I recall that under the shell was a time capsule, was this ever opened ? does any one know what became of it and what was in it ?,is it still there ? . Was this just a figment of my young imagination.???????.......Too many questions.
5106/01/2002Lesley AnnGibson (Brown)I was told about the website from a family friend. Like me, his daughter used to go to Verdala in the 60's. I went there for about 4-5 years and was very happy there. We went from Malta to Kenya and my parents are still there. I live in Leicestershire and would be very interested to hear from anybody who went to Verdala at the same time.
5006/01/2002MaryTodd (now Briggs)I was at Verdala from 1958 to 1961 and have many happy memories. My teachers were Miss Watson, Mrs Farugia and Rex Carroll but my family were friendly with a lot of the other teachers and we kept in touch for many years after, especially Jack Ousbey and Liz McMeeking (Mardel). We have been back to Malta twice and it never seems to change!
4903/01/2002SamanthaOakleyoooh the pantp photo is brill, any from Jack and the bean stalk??
4830/12/2001PennyFailes (Tucker)It's been just great reading everyone's reminscences of Verdala - I'm hoping Miranda Sharp logs on soon as we were joint winners of Miss McMeeking's Bell Book Project competition and it would be lovely to catch up with her after all these years! I live in Australia now.
4729/12/2001JudyWaltersThanks to those who've got this site together - have I been on a nostalgia trip reading all those reminiscences! We lived in Malta for 7 years [my dad taught at Tal Handaq] and it was a wonderful place to grow up. As well as the warmth and friendliness, I think its size was in proportion to a child. We arrived in 1961 when I was 6. When I first saw those small windows with bars in the school bus park, I thought they were the classrooms. They turned out to be the old prison windows and our classrooms were a bit more modern! I was in top infants and can't remember my teacher's name but I remember Vera North, the Infants headmistress. Commander Sumnall was the headmaster of the whole school and he looked like Prince Phillip. There were portraits of the Queen and Prince Phillip in the school hall: I could see one was Commander Sumnall; I just couldn't see the likeness to Miss North in the other one. In the juniors, I think my teachers were Miss Page/Mrs Robinson [who hit me with a ruler for daydreaming instead of doing arithmetic!], Mr Jenkins, Mr Powell and Mr Woodhams.Several of you have mentioned John Why and I have fond memories of him: I had no skills in music but lots of enthusiasm and he rewarded that. Someone mentioned the school pantomime, "The By The Wind Sailor" - I was Princess Coral in that when I was in the 4th year juniors. Don't queue up for autographs! I'd like to trace my friends Luzi Rodriguez, John Cole and Kerrie Cunningham. I live in New Zealand now and I think my experience of living in Malta as a young child helped me emigrate from England.
4627/12/2001SteveMathewsAttended the school 58/9 in Mr Ross' class with Laraine Penn, Colin Beeston, Geoffrey Edgell (his dad was a teacher at Tal Handaq, Chris Ruffley, Keith Hardy, Teresa Gleddow, Ann Pennington, Carol Burgess, David Tirrard, Gordon Trigg, Jenny Goldsack, Steve Howick. My sister Carol 5 years my senior went to Tal Handaq as I did later. Lived in Princess Flats, still standing as are both schools. Now live near Southampton.
4523/12/2001LizMardel(McMeeking)Submission:Page One of Two (Notice amended from Nov 3rd). Am I really the first former member of staff to find this site (apart from Roy Jenkins) or are the others sensibly keeping their heads down?! I taught in the junior school from 1957-61 and still keep in regular touch with the (former) Misses Batty, Watson, Kernahan, Stinton, Townsend, Whitelaw and North as well as with Mrs Eaton who preceded Vera North as head of the infants and former Navy Works families including the Hodges, Andrews, Todds and Hargreaves. Living as we do in a naval area several former Verdalans have turned up in my life in various guises. Hilary Bain was one of my daughter Kate's teachers. She asked me whether the playground was really as big as she remembered it as an infant, (most definately,I reassured her!) One of Kate's friends is the niece of Philip Colley from my class of '58 and (Dr) Jennifer Rowden was supervising an alzheimer's drug trial in which my husband took part. Penny Tucker entertained Kate at her home in Australia. I've also come across David Pickett, Linda Morrell, Martin Powell and Judy Rutledge among others.I have colour slides of the pantomimes of 1957 - 61 and the musical 'Princess Zara'if I can find out how to get them onto this site!
4423/12/2001LizMardel(McMeeking)Submission:Page Two of Two. I have colour slides of the pantomimes of 1957 - 61 and the musical 'Princess Zara'if I can find out how to get them onto this site! Phill Rose mentioned the overflow classrooms in the old barracks ('The Ditch') - dark, tunnel-like rooms where the lights were on permanently and which had as their far walls the 8ft 3in thick bastion (2.5mtrs in today's money). (We'd measured the depth of our windowsill from the classroom edge back to the glass of the tiny arrow-slit window. It would never have passed today's health and safety regulations!) The years in Malta must have been a memorable time for most children and staff. They were for me ? I met my husband Joe (a Navy Works civil engineer) there! Everything except the island itself was larger than life ? the sun was hotter, the playground more vast, the harbours and the ships more spectacular, the schoolchildren more numerous (as well as more adaptable!), the architecture more distinctive, friendships more important (away from our wider families) school transport more chaotic, festas noisier and history more palpable than anything most of us were used to! This site is bringing it all back, many thanks for it. I look forward to reading everyone's reminiscences.
4320/12/2001BillyBoothI can remember freezing in strange possitions when the school bell rang at the end of playtime, some of the poses we adopted were very comical, what a laugh why don't more schools adopt such silly rules?
4220/12/2001VincentRamseyA memory jogged!! I also remember the strange positions we adopted also when the bell sounded - positions which often included kids hanging upside down from the climbing ropes. Verdalans were always a weird lot!!
4119/12/2001JaneJurasinska nee MastersGreat to be able to say high to those who remember me.I joined in 1962 was in Mr King's transition class for two weeks and then on to 3b and Meg Townsend's class, she went home to Wembley anyone know any more. Remember John Why the music man, also Lt.Cdr Ross. As for class mates Alan Evans, Robert Ross, Felicity Kendall and so on. Hope to find out more soon.
4017/12/2001DavidPlowrightWould love to get in touch with some of my former classmates. Lived at Rinela Married Quarters from 1955 until 1958. Also attended Verdala for that same time period. Now live in the wild and wonderful hills of West Virginia. Hope to hear from someone. Best wishes to all, Dave Plowright
3917/12/2001JoWoodallMy family spent many years in Malta - 1950-53, 1956-59, 1965-68, & 1969-72 when Mintoff 'asked' the British to leave.My elder brother, Alan, attended Verdala from 50-53 & I did from 56-59;my younger brother, Larry, spent a couple of terms there in 59. We all went on to Tal-Handaq & have so many happy memories of our time spent in Malta. Our father worked at Dingli. My favourite bit of Verdala was the rope-net & I remember being upside-down for most of the time. The only teacher's name I can recall is Mrs Farrugia & that's probably because she had a strong Scottish accent & a Maltese name! I know Ken Radford - because I married his son David, whom I met at Tal-Handaq in 1966, {we divorced in 1977}. Friends I remember are Ann Grigg, Peter Mahoney, Russell Winterbourne, Anne & Ian Pennington, Sharon Neilan, & Ann Mintoff was in my class. We lived in Testaferrata Street & then moved to the new flats called Princess Margaret Flats nearby. Anybody remember them? They had a wonderfully smooth surface on the ground floor - perfect for rollerskating
3816/12/2001NeilBoothDoes anyone remember me, Neil Booth or my brother William (Billy) Booth we were at Verdala from spring 1972 - Autumn 1974 my brother also went to Tal Handaq if so let me know it would be great to hear from you.
3713/12/2001ChrisCumperI attended R.N.S. Verdala from 1965 to 67 and have many memories, including the often exciting school bus trips, marbles behind one of the classrooms, toy car racing in the playground, & a host of other stuff.
3612/12/2001ChrisNoonanWhat a blast from the past! I have very fond memories of my times in Malta, especially from Verdala. I had Mr King as my teacher for the two years that I was there('66-'68). He helped instill a love for learning that I did not realise at the time. I still have the astronomy book purchased to help with one of the projects he set us. I remember marble alley at the back of the music block, Mr Why putting his fist through a tambourine whilst accompanying Holst Mars. Does anyone else remember the snow in the middle of summer one year. Enough got caught on the upstairs windows to make some snowballs which were heaved about class. I was one of the boys that in 67-68 got permission to do girls games(they finished earlier and were better company) and made a total hash of playing netball. Brendan Curtain and David Reynolds were two of the others. And don't forget the ghosts, warm milk and sly fags in the playing fields.
3511/12/2001SteveBurnsOne of Two messages. We lived in Malta from September 1963 to March 1967. Verdala was overwhelming at first, it felt huge indeed, that playground seemed to go on for ever. There were well over 1000 kids, and it must have been very intimidating to a 7-year-old. I was briefly in Mr Ousbey's Reception Class, then 1AJ, with Mrs Pitcher for a couple of months, later Miss Mutch, a most formidable lady. I'm sure she was a good teacher, but my only memories of the time are of trying to keep out of her way. In 2AJ, we had Mr King, a teacher who made me appreciate for the first time that school wasn't somewhere you went because you had to, it could actually be interesting in itself.
3411/12/2001SteveBurnsPart Two of Two messages. And in 3A and 4A, I was lucky again to be taught by Mr Woodhams, probably the best teacher I ever had and possibly the greatest single influence of my childhood. He had time for everyone, he talked to you and listened to what you had to say. He also replied to you, always thoughtfully, never in a condescending "adult" manner, and he taught me much about the way the world is. Sad indeed to hear he passed away a few years later, as I would have loved to have met up with him again in adult life. Other Verdala memories - music lessons from the unforgettable Mr Why, the Marbles crazes that came and went every couple of months for no reason ("hit it once and you win it"!), the school Nurse; the Christmas Panto ("The Magic Nutcracker", "Old Hobb's Magic Stick" and "The Tale of the By-the-Wind Sailor" - I was never in any of them, but I can still remember some of the songs), the rush down the drive for the buses home (I was on "Bomb" 38), my best pals Nicholas Brady (earlier on) and Paul Whittaker (later days), plus loads of others. We came home to Scarborough in '67, and, though my family went back to Malta for another three years from 1975, I have never returned. Anyone who remembers me, please get in touch - I won't turn up on your doorstep or anything, but it would be nice to hear how you're getting on.
3310/12/2001KeithWigglesworthGreat site! Was at Verdala between '64 and 66(or 7), can't remember which house though. Many memories of the school, football matches, afternoon clubs (seamanship and ballet!!) playing marbles, sports days, keeping skinks in our desks, Royal Marines Beating the Retreat etc. Am in the '66 football 'B' team, back row, 3rd from left. Have the original photo (somewhere)with everyones names on and others. Recognise a lot of the names mentioned on the site.
3208/12/2001PaulineFentonFeedback: What a great time I've had visiting the Verdala website - I've thoroughly enjoyed the rush of memories, each page reminded me of old playmates, teachers, games and events and most precious of all, my childhood years living in Malta.I attended Verdala for one year in 1955 when I was 7, and although my memories are rather flimsy I clearly remember learning to read books on Dick and Dora, Janet and John.My family lived in Vittoriosa and in 1958 we returned to live there again until 1960. At school the class teacher was Mr. King, I remember him as kind and encouraging, he took our class photo which I hope to post on the site.The class consisted of 22 pupils, but only 6 were girls so a good time was had by all.The names of some of the boys were....Derek Granger, Donald ?, Barry ?, Desmond ?, Martin?, there were also 2 Alans and 2 Stephens.The girls were Linda Parker, Mary White, Sandra Harding, Susan ?, Annette ?, and myself Pauline Garraty. I have warm and positive memories of clambering over the rope climbing frame, playing jacks on the veranda outside the clssroom of 4c2, and winning my heat of 100yds sprint on sports day. On one memorable occasion I found myself along with several others in the girls toilets checking under our arms for any growth of hair, to my astonishment and delight, I found 2!! Friends that lived in the same area of Vittoriosa, and became good friends were Christine Carroll, her two brothers John and Robert, and sister Geraldine. Also living close by were Catherine Condi and sister Elizabeth. Living in the flat below below were three children; Phillip was the eldest, his parents were Sam and Margaret. Would love to hear from any of you, or if anyone knows of them, let me know.Look forward to the growing development of the site and keeping in touch.
3104/12/2001DavidWintripI attended Verdala between 1965 - 1968. My sister, Sally, attended Tal Handaq and my dad, John, was stationed at Dingli. The family all now live in Australia. Can't remember which House I was in but think it was Nelson. We lived firstly in Balzan and latterly in Egmont Close.
3002/12/2001HowardSamuelHi! I was at Verdala from '59 to '61 (was it really that long ago??). Although the old memory is going (!), my main recollection is of part of the playground being designated for roller skating. Sister, Rowena, was at Tal Handaq. Dad was serving in HMS Narvik and HMS Forth. I also remember the flea-market run by military wives in Valletta - I bought all my comics there! Happy Days! I'm now ex-RN, currently working in Oman on the Sultan's yacht.
2901/12/2001AnthonyHowardI was a pupil, Drake House from 1967-69. Please get in touch !
2801/12/2001ChrisCumperThe 1967 colour sports day piccy; I'm 5th from the left but I've no idea who the others were.
2729/11/2001VincentRamseyI attended the school between 1971 -1974, and they were the (cliched) best days of my school life. Wing Cdr Bond was the Head, and my teachers included Mr Collins initially, followed by Miss Johnson. From this site I do remember Harry Perkins, Dawn Seaman, and Craig Tostevin. My favourite memories are the people who were there, and what a wonderful place to be taught that it was. Does anyone remember trying to catch Skinks and small Scorpions from under the rocks on the 'football' field. Also did anyone else find the tunnels at the bottom of that field that would take you out of the school and onto the field at the bottom. Remember playing marbles behind (I think) G block - on the path just in front of the swimming pool. Some games would eventually extend right across the playground. I my mother is Maltese, and I try to get back to the island whenever possible. Verdala is always one of the first landmarks I look for - it can be seen clearly on the horizon from Baracca gardens in Valetta. It still is a school - I have some young Maltese cousins - one of whom attends Verdala. how I wish I was still there!!!
2618/11/2001BelindaOusbey / LosebySo good to read everybodys coments about Verdala. I lived in Malta from 1956 - 1966 and was at school from 60-66. As you may have guessed my Dad is THE Mr Ousbey that you all talk about. We were in Nelson House. Yes the playground did always seem gigantic to me. Do you remember the swimming pool? I was always the last one to get changed!! My Dad still talks about when the Royal Marines did beating the retreat in the playground. Will write more in the near future. Belinda
2516/11/2001AnthonyInglisI was in Malta from 1952-1956, and attended Verdala. We lived in Qui-si-Sana, Sliema and remeber many things about Malta and Have been back 4 to 5 times since. Do not remember much about Verdala, accept, the buses to school, where the school was, the parade ground, class rooms, sports area and the tuck shop, which was surrounded by Turkeys, which I assume the caretaker raised for Christmas. The only Teacher/Head I can remeber was a Miss Veasey. Could draw a rough map of the layout of the school. did know some boys, namley Joey Noble, Graham Slack, Robert Gorman. Girls - Gloria Greenwood , Anne Sladden, Burnice White, Sandra Butler.
2414/11/2001IanWalshI was at Verdala between April 1963 and April 1965 with my two brother Kevin and Paul. We lived at St Julians/Balutta Bay. I took my family to Malta in 1989 - I was please to still recognise so many placed.
2314/11/2001JanetRawsonWell, last night I went for a drink with Christianne Morris who contacted me through Friendsreunited. I was at Verdala from 64 to 67, and Christianne and I were classmates in Mr Ousbey's class and then Mr Woodham's. I had a fabulous evening catching up on historical memories and we've decided to we'd like to meet again next month. Somewhere in Convent Garden if anyone else from these years would like to join us? I remember arriving nervously in Mr Ousbey's class when he was teaching us how to make paper stained glass pictures. He was so immensely kind and patient with me that my nervousness disappeared swiftly. I also remember Mr Ousbey and the school panto's, apparently my mum has a programme from the Something of something of Bodmin Moor. I'll try to get it put onto the site. 25 years ago, my dad, Bob Rawson, a Band Master in the Royal Marines - he did two musical parades in the playground at the school, anyone remember those? - left the services and decided to become a piano tuner. He went to Newbury to study and got in contact with Mr Ousbey who was well and happy. No contact since then though. Weird feeling evoking all those childhood memories! 11+ in the hall....aagh!
2211/11/2001DavidPickettI was there from summer 1958 till autumn 1960.
2111/11/2001MayRankinMy maiden name was May Mahood,and I was at Verdala from1951 - 1952 and then on to Tal-Handaq till 1954. I was very friendly at that time with Maureen Knowlin. My husband and I were at Malta on holiday and I had a great trip "Down Memory Lane". Glad to have found yourweb site ,keep up the good work.

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