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22007/06/2004YvonneDouglas / EgglestonHi My brother Ian and I were at Verdala 1958-61. The last class I was in was 3A and the teacher was Mr Ouseby, who was brilliant - the Tudors remain my favourite period in History! I was in the Brownies and did ballet with Miss Rowe. It was good to see the pictures of the ballet class in Peter and the Wolf (I'm in the middle on the second row). Does anyone remember Julia Northey and 'Greensleeves'?
21905/06/2004SharonClapson / ComlayEducated at Verdala 63-66
Class 3b miss Mulch abd Miss Rowe.
Had Mr Why for Music and spelling.
Have very happy memories of Verdala.
Have a copy of the 64-65 year book.Jeremy Thompson as an Admiral on the front cover.
Lived at Gzira and caught one of the famous buses to school each day.
Was in Drake house.
Remember the netting-loved climbing on this. Bye for now.
21823/05/2004MichaelWalkerHi I was at Verdala from 57-59,but have only just discovered this site.I remember some good times,and some not so good(the riots in the Mintoff troubles).Unfortunately I am terrible with names.Hoping to come to reunion and try to recall some faces,and meet some friends from Nelson(I think)
21722/05/2004KeithWigglesworthHi, was at Verdala between '64-'66. Am 3rd from left, back row of 1966 B football team. Also there is Simon Jeffries, George Mattingley and Steve Griffiths. Remember loads about the school, Marines beating the retreat, keeping skinks in desks, marbles, the tunnels, afternoon clubs (navigation & ballet!!), naafi meal tickets, the bus rides, school nurse inspections. Fun days!!
21620/05/2004JaneGaughyMy sister and I were at the school 1976 - 1978. I don't remember much, only the Pageant that was held for the Queens Silver Jubilee. I was a flower girl, and had to carry a hoop with someone else.
21510/05/2004AndyGodmani was at verdala from 1973 to 1975 before going up to tal-handaq i was in 4C with mr collins i remeber the headmaster being a Lt/Cmd bond we all called james bond great site brings back some great times that i had at verdala
21403/05/2004BillRickardsAs Iwas at Verdala in 38to40 then moved to St Georges until June 42 thought I was a dinosaur among you younguns butI found a 34-38 one
21323/04/2004MarilynFinchJust reading about so many aged friends. I was in 3A in 57/58 with Roy Jenkins and still have the reports which I hide from my children. I was the one that spent most of my time in the corridor for being naughty. Still in touch with Penny Cooper and remember Madeleine Knight, Anne Mintoff and Bruce Dingley.
21206/04/2004MarilynXI was at Verdala from 1957 to 1959. I started in Miss Stinton's class which was 2A. I cannot remember who my teacher was for 3A but it was a male teacher. I would like to know. I remember many names but would like to find out what they are doing now.
21103/04/2004LisaParsonageI was at Verdala 72-75. I was in Mrs Farrugia Bells class. She was and is my favourite teacher of all time. I can rememeber the class being broken into,my brother Mickey and I found the burglary. We thought the cleaners had made a mess and tidied part of it up. When the Maltese Police came and started to fingerprint things Mickey and I worried for weeks we would be arrested. Can you remember the budgies or the plastic mats we had sandwiches on.
Can you remember the Pied Piper production or many of you may remmeber my spectacular performance of Mary in one of the local Maltese churches.Can you remember the Maltese hymn MssFB used to make us sing. Wonderful Days
21012/03/2004RogerTurnerHi there ! My brother Dennis and I were at Verdala 1949-52. Great to find the site, really brought back some memories (mainly the buses). Sorry to say age has taken its toll and can now only remember a couple of classmates. Maybe finding you will stimulate the grey cells.
20910/03/2004CeliaAndrewsI was in Malta between 1960 and 1963 and was in Mr Woodhams class at Verdalla. Have many happy memories of school, the busses to get there, the long afternoons at the beach and the overnight bbqs on the beach mainly with other naval families.It was a fantastic childhood for me, and reading all these comments has brought it all back. Do we realise how privileged we were to have experienced that life?
I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. The only 2 names I remember are Mary Walker and Leigh Andrews who both left the island before we did.
20809/03/2004TerryBakerThank you for some wonderful memories I attended Verdala 1952-53.My most vivid memories are the bus ride home and sitting on the back seat singing songs of the day with friends I can no longer put names to.
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20603/03/2004PeterLantCannot e-mail but I remember a car accident at sports day but it must have been 1959.
20501/03/2004DerekCakeTo meander through a site and find your photograph as a sailor rat in a 1958 pantomime is a sobering experience! I was a pupil from January 1957 until June 1960. My teacher, Miss Rowe was an inspiration to all, as I recall. Whilst I remember few names, my mother remembers the Chase family (twins?) the Waterworth's and the Hurst's, all from the Portsmouth area. Visiting the site has brought back many happy memories. My other claim to fame was being expelled as a prefect for fighting on the bus! (probably over a girl). My thanks to all who have put this site and the photographs together.
20429/02/2004LindaEdwardsI was in Verdala 1958 to 1961 enjoyed looking at all the old photos, my teacher was Miss Candy. I also was the milk monitor made sure i had the chocolate milk,I live in Australia now, but still miss the english navy life that i was brought up father was on HMS Narvik anyone out there connected to that ship at the same time?
20313/02/2004JanetKember (twin)Hi to you all, remember the photo on the climbing frame of 11 sets of twins, jane and l are the 11yr olds.
20204/01/2004AdrianNewmanI was at Verdala from 1958 to 1962. I was one of the few non-Naval pupils, as my father was manager then of Barclays Bank in Merchant Street. I have returned to Malta on many occasions, lastly in June '03, and always visit the alma mater! On my last trip thereI took several digital photos - can email them to anyone who is interested!
20104/01/2004AdrianNewmanRan out of room! Am fairly sure that the 3rd year Class 1958/9 on the site shows me at bottom left, but am ready to be corrected. Miranda Sharp has been mentioned - I remember her well. My 1st solo air trip to school in the UK was with her - her father had a private cinema in Malta to censor films, which I went to many times
20024/11/2003RoraidhScottHow fantastic to see pictures of the
school after 43 years.I was at Verdala
for about a year(1959/60).Miss Rowe was
my teacher(class 3BJ).I may have been in the climbing frame picture at the top in the middle although the year does not quite correspond.I sometimes got a lift to the school bus on the back of a donkey and cart.We used to live in B'kara opposite the "Friend-to-all Bar"I enjoyed my time in Malta immeasurably.Ban yan boat trips to the Blue Grotto, Kitty Cola,paper kites, marbles,bread and tomato paste etc.
My parents described Malta as
boats & shoats, bells & smells!Coloured
buses,Sliema Creek,Wembley Ice Cream, Diving at Tigne beach - What truly happy days they were.Many thanks to the creator of this website!
19902/11/2003LenPetersGreat site. I was there from 55-57.I can remember Miss Vasey,Miss farrugia,and especially Miss Rowe ,Does anyone remember "Bertie Edwards"which was a big wooden bat she whacked us with.I can still feel it now.Thanks for the memories. Len
19823/10/2003JohnVellaI am doing some research on the Vernon Club (next to Castille Place) Valletta, Malta. I would like to know when the Vernon Club was built.
19705/10/2003BruceTaylorThe memories come flooding back. Thanks to those people who have put this site together. I was at Verdala from early 1955 to mid 1957, finishing in Form 3AJ - teacher William Willsher, Headmaster E. Paynter. I remember the marbles and the climbing ropes, also playing "spitfires" in the playground. Weekends were spent roller skating around Princess Flats, and swimming at Paradise Bay, Military Bay and the rafts at Tigne. The "festas" were another highlight. I now live in Sydney, Australia.
19625/09/2003RobTaylorHi I went to Verdala between 1955-57, and have many happy memories of the bus trip there, playing on the net and marchng into assembly to some awful music - and "Onwarsd Christian Soldiers" Great to see the old pictures of the place, might add some of my own. Am now in Sydney Australia
19524/09/2003LindsayMcNeil / FreestonI was born in 1950 in Portsmouth, attended Verdala from 1959 to 1961, the went to Tal Handaq. Left Malta January 1962.
Whilst at Verdala was a cat in Miss Rowes performance of Peter and the Wolf.
Oh how I wish sometimes we were all still there. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
19410/09/2003DavidStanfordI attended the school between 1961 and 1963. I have very (!) mixed memories of the school, but time has dulled the memories and I can recall no names. I have put a few thoughts on Friends Reunited, but suffice to say, great to see this web site, and belated apologies from me for switching the milk around before morning break so we could get the chocolate ones!
19301/09/2003TrevorLockFound this site after someone saw my school included Verdala. I only included this school after its name popped back into my head from god knows where!!!!
19219/08/2003JanGatti am 13 years old and from the pictures that i saw the school look likes the same that it is right now there are some few changes in buildings and the playing yard now instead of the basketball rings there are a hockey pitch.
19118/07/2003ChristopherFauxwas in ta-handaq 1970/71 i hope to go back and have a look around i do no remember much as it be a long time now 30plus year now time dose fly any way i do remember a few things any can not wait to go back and see what the place is now
19015/07/2003ChristineNortham-Palmerat verdala 55 -58 best years of childhood life.Lived at tesraferrata st gzira and lourdes bldgs gzira.Many memories swimming out to raft at manoel island the men watching football on flat roof cheese pastries in valetta.Hope to return one day.Hope I won't be disappointed!
18926/06/2003DaphneWyehi i attended verdala 54/56 my name being daphne wye my sister also attended her name was rosina wye [nina] we returned to malta in 58/60 where i went to talhandaq and my sister returned to verdala. there she was in the brownies and the school quire. on the photo of the quoire dated 58 she is in the front row. as you can tell this e mailing is new to me being a late starter.
18826/06/2003Nicola-JayneChapmanI was at Verdala from the age of 6 till I was 9 (1966 - 1969), I loved it, I was in the house that was red - think it was call Nelson but not sure, I also attended the Brownies at school, met Lady Baden-Powell at the Goveners House with the Brownies. My sister Lorretta (5 years older than me)is in one of the school netball photos on this site. I remember my last teacher at school was the deputy head but I can't remember his name. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. Moved to Gosport, Hampshire when we left Malta, and I still live there.
18724/06/2003PeterPritcoeI was at Verdala 1934 to 1938 with Mrs Penfold , then Mr Armes and finally Sub/Lt Miles who after the war as a captain ran the Malta schools
18622/06/2003JohnWhy Thanks to Diane Perry for reminding me of the "forced tapioca feeding". I`m sure that today, if I acted like I did through my career [a very happy career], I wold be out on my ear on no time. Diane if you want to contact me please do. I remember you as a smallish, dark haired lass, with a serious attitude to life, but a cheeky smile at times.That about sums up most of us when we were young.
18519/06/2003FionaMcKinnonI was in Nelson House and one of my teachers names was Miss Quick.Does anyone else remember her?
18419/06/2003JanetMerrimanI was at Verdala from 1952 until 1955 and at Tal Handaq from 1958 until 1961.
I well remember the trip on the bus from Silema - a long journey for a 6 year old!
I started off in the main school but at one time went to an annex which seemed a long walk from the school.
I remember Sports Day and concerts and going to the Dockyard for a party to celebrate the Coronation.
My brother, John, also went to Verdala but was ahead of me. I notice from the school magazine that he received a prize one year.
I now live in Adelaide, South Australia and through a mutual friend I met Jenny Van Rees who also went to Verdala from 1951! Small world.
18319/06/2003GerardHawkesI was at Verdala from '52-'54 in the days of LtCdr Bellamy. The only teacher I remember was a Miss Robinson.
I was very keen on Marbles, playing on the nets, Dinky cars and going to Tigne Beach - What an adventure!!
I now live in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire.
Regards to all
18218/06/2003StephenNicholsonI was at Verdala between January 1967 and May 1969 - the last two years in Mr Woodham's class (3b and 4aw). I was the goalkeeper in the school football team in my last year - managed by Mr Perkins - when we were undefeated in winning the league. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me
18117/06/2003KellyHenshaw (nee Hodgeon)I was at Verdala between 1974 & 1975 as an infant. My sister Kirsti was also there. During the time there our classroom was broken into, does any one remember? I loved Verdala and have searched for ages for info on it, great site. I remember we used orange exercise books for our work, loved the books. Had to measure things in spans, does any one remember?
18013/06/2003LindsayMcNeilHi Who said school days are the best of your life? Well reading your web site they were. It is a shame I cannot remember much these days. I was in Malta 1958-1962 (born in June 1950) made me 8yrs when arriving and 12 when leaving, with two sisters, one 4 years younger and one 2 1/2 yrs older. Took my 11 plus at Verdala in 1961 and then went to Tal Handaq. What I remember is Miss Rowe, did ballet and recorders and was a cat in Peter and the Wolf, it is such a shame, browsing through the site and not being able to remember things, although it does jog the memory. My mother died when I was fifteen and I think a lot of photo's etc., were lost then. I do have photo's of the family in and around Malta but none at my schools. Have returned on holiday with my daughter and have reminisced. My father was based at Grand Harbour. I can remember wonderful times at the Harbour and the Lido. My name was Lindsay McNeil Younger sister Janine Mcneil Older sister Sandra Mcneil Have printed off the school report by P Ross of 1961. Any information you have on my years would be greatly appreciated, meanwhile I will keep visiting.
17912/06/2003DAPHNE YVONNEWYEhi i attended verdala 54/56 my name being daphne wye my sister also attended her name was rosina wye [nina] we returned to malta in 58/60 where i went to talhandaq and my sister returned to verdala. there she was in the brownies and the school quire. on the photo of the quoire dated 58 she is in the front row. as you can tell this e mailing is new to me being a late starter.
17810/06/2003stevensilviovery good
17702/06/2003DerickHenryBorn KGV Floriana 1948. To Scarborough UK 1949. Back to Malta 1958 - 1961. Verdala '58/60. First, Miss McMeeking. Second, Mr Jenkins. Fond memories:- School, friends, teachers and chums. Cricket - in that heat! The Marble pitch. Heat. Football & Sports in general. The wee library hut. Shady bits. The hours. The mad bus journey with the drivers competing and us kids egging them on! That most welcome water tap on the outside of our block. Those great comics we all used to swop. Getting free entry to Mr Jenkins dress rehearsals. Not so fond memories:- The 11+. The heat. I would be delighted to hear from anyone there at the time. I went back to Malta for the very first time in 2001 - yup, 40 years later! Needless to say I visited Verdala and it looked just as I remembered it. A strange but good feeling.
17625/05/2003DavinaEade1 was at verdala 58 to 60 then onto tala han dak It has been a real trip down memory lane for me.Meny a happy memory with miss Anne Rowe as my class and ballet teacher Babes in the wood was one of our performances at corridina best friends at that time were Jennifer Tipple, Anne Mcoy and Clodagh any contact with these would just be fabulous. My maiden name was Davina Taylor
17422/05/2003KARLMALLIAjien qieghed fi klassi 1c
17325/04/2003NeilBennettHI, Such happy memories seeing some of the old pictures and reconising some of the names. Was at the school for 4 months in 75 before going to Tal Handaq.
17221/04/2003HelenTownsend / GriffinAt Verdala 1958-1962. Interested in next reunion, particularly if in Malta! In touch with Marilyn Stalker and Andrew Stalker. Brother Keith Griffin ex Tal Handaq.
17108/04/2003BelindaHayles GledhillAt school 1961 to 1963
17031/03/2003GillianLeadbetter / HawkinsIf anyone remembers me from 1962-64 give me a call
16913/03/2003FionaKayHello, I attended Verdala from 1968 to 1971. Returning to the UK when I was 8yrs. I attended school in Cheltenham on my return and emigrated to Australia with my mother in 1977. Name was Fiona McKinnon in those days, quite a thrill to see a poem I wrote 35 years ago on a website. I also think that I am in the photo of a play in late sixties as the girl in the front row right hand side bears a huge resemblance to my daugher at the same age. You never know. Great website Regards Fiona
16802/03/2003GillianStanleyWhat wonderful memories this site invokes! I was at Verdala 1957-1960 then went on to Tal Handaq where my father was a teacher! So many names and faces I remember. Where are Morag Williamson and Gillian Crawley???????? Mr Jenkins was an inspirational teacher and I was lucky enought to be in his class for all 3 years. I am now head of a school in Hants. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!
16720/02/2003KeithWoodcockA bit of a shock seeing myself on the 1965 A Team phot...
16605/02/2003GeorgeReadingsIn Verdala 1960-62, then Tal Handaq 1962/3. As with many, enjoyed my time in Malta. Would be delighted to hear from anyone during that era. Have already contacted John Nicholas and Mr Why and received a contact from Liz Mardel. The site is an excellent idea. Thank you.
16519/01/2003KarelDoubledayI would love to make contact with Ms Mitchell my infant school teacher and my friend Georgina Timms (65-68)
16410/01/2003StephenFrostNot sure what the name of school I attended in Luqua from 1957-1960 Dad was in Army so would I have come here? Do remember going home on bus with Dom Mintoffs daughter and being Toady in Wind in Willows.Also did a poem on stage Mcavity the Mystry Cat
16328/12/2002ChrisReynoldsI started school at Stella Maris Franciscan missionaries of mary school from 1961 to 63. I then moved to Verdala infant department in 1963. i was in form 15 the teacher was a J.M.Pitcher, i was then in form 9 in 1964 the form teachers name was Stewart. Unfortunatly we came back to England for a few years and returned to Verdala in 1968. I was in form 3C the teacher was D.P.Cleeve,i the moved to 4B the form teacher was J.M.Martin, i then moved to 4AP i think the teachers name was Perkins. I had a great time before going on to Tal Handaq.
16221/12/2002LindaMurphyI would love to hear from anyone who was in the juniors from '74-77 when it closed. I had so many happy times Lin
16108/12/2002NigelAllfreyHi the picture with the Jellyfish nominally as Pied Piper is actually the By the Wind SAilor Jelly Fish Dancers. I have their names and the whole script of the play if anyone is interested (I played Sam, my sister, Lindy a Pastel Shrimp!
16029/11/2002MarieDe lacyAnybody know Susan....that went to Verdala 1960-1963 age 5-10 years. Dad worked in the Civil Service.
15927/11/2002GillianLeadbeatter(Hawkins)I was at Verdala '62-'64 aged 8, my brother Peter was an infant there briefly, and my sister Susan was at Tal Handaq. We lived at 11b Ghar-id-dud St in Sliema. My dad was the dockmaster of the floating dock. I well remember the warm, oddly flavoured milk at break times, swimming races and climbing the nets. I loved Malta and have been back 5 times,I am an avid diver. Swimming at Tigne lido and Paradise bay were wonderful. Thanks for the web site. So many happy memories of being chaperone to my teen-aged sister as she hung out with the boys, listening to the juke-box outside Tante Palmiers on Sliema front. I blame her for my love of rock-n-roll. Does anyone remember Kevin Wolfe (my first love) or Nigel Phillips? have a good time on the 30th wish I could be there.
15827/11/2002DavidGambleI was at Verdala schoolin the fifties. All I remember was the Headteacher Commander Jordan and the large hall. I think I remember a boy called Pengally. I think his first name was Roger. I cannot make the reunion on Saturday but would be pleased to hear from you as to how it wemt and if anybody remembers me!!!
15725/11/2002RuthCoombsMy twin sister Brenda and I were in the Ditch between the years 56 and 58. I have a photo of us with classmates and a sailor called Bill Bailey! I remember the sailors were very nice, they bought us Coka Colas. We had to take it in turns to make tea for the teachers in the tea room! I remember vividly playing jacks and setting up marble shies at lunch time. Happy days!
15624/11/2002FrancineBilletI was at Verdala in Miss Candy's class from 1957-59.Brother Jim was at Tal-Handaq. We lived off of St Julian's Court opposite the dockyard club. My friends were Pamela Salmon..Elen Gower..Jim's friends were Barry Gulleck..and David Tucker. This brings back so many memories Thanks
15522/11/2002RalphGuyWhat a surprise this site has been . Was at Verdala 58-60 ish then one year Tal Handaq. Names that spring to mind Miss Candy, Peter Fuller . A husband and wife team of teachers Hobson? Dobson? Was in love with Judy Nixon the lead in "Pied Piper" although shhe didn't know. Was in the chorus of Princesss Zara ? Older sibling went to Tal Handaq ,Jennifer Guy . Any one remember either one of us we'd like to hear.
15421/11/2002AmandaRudkinI was at Verdala '65 to '67/'68. I was 6 when I first arrived in Malta. I remember the school very well, steep hill up to the main grounds, the battered buses, watching shinty matches, playing marbles and one of my teachers Mrs Harkess and two best friends -Helen and Jane. I know Helen came from a large naval family. Does anyone remember the blue Naffi dinner tickets and the awful green pea soup served in white mugs that we were made to drink - only compensation was delicious fish and chips on Fridays! Do you remember the rafts off some of the beaches that used to get crowded and we all would run in unison from side to side to see how far we could tip them over? I was there during World Cup and getting free World Cup Willy badges from bars of nougat. I also remember lots of american sailors and their huge BBQs on the beaches - it all felt just so exotic. Does anyone remember the Reucroft family (Robin, Janice, Amanda, Simon and Peter)?
15318/11/2002NicolaChapmanI would love to be in contact with anyone who was at school between 1966 to 1969 (I was 6 till 9 years old). I do not have a very good memory but I do remember going to Brownies at school, being in the deputy heads (I think his name was Mr Ross)class in 1969. I also attended the local dancing classes with many girls from school, the teachers twin boys also attended. I also remeber going to Pictures and roller skating on a saturday morning. My best friend at school was called Trudy Wells, she left in 1968 (I would love to be able to contact her but so far I have been unable). If you remember me please email me I would love to hear from you.
15217/11/2002RobertaLowe / MurdochThis site brings back some wonderful memories. I attended Verdala from 1959-1961 finishing in 4BJ. This class was taught by Miss Rowe; a great teacher. I remember Patricia Cracknell (with whom I lost touch with in the 1970s) and Elizabeth Bingley.Ah!Happy days
15116/11/2002PaulineHargreavesI am just learning how to do this and it is a slow process! I have been in touchwith the Headmaster of the present school Joe Huber and he has sent me some photos of the school. I was in Malta in July and September of this year - it has changed a bit!!!!Looking forward to the 30th.
15013/11/2002DouglasGreenAttended Verdala School 1967-1970,Hawkins House.Broke my elbow falling off the climbing frame;spent a few days in Bighi Hospital. Races between school buses were fantastic!The Maltese only drive in the shade!Happy days. Won the 100 yards & sack race at sports day 1968.
14908/11/2002SteveGwilliamatended calcarra nursery, 1964-66, then verdala, 1971-72.Great school , so many happy memories.
14805/11/2002JaniceSmith (nee Waite)attended Verdala from 1964 - 1966 - don't know if I'm going to make the reunion, but will certainly try!!!
14704/11/2002PeterMilesI am the son of the late Instructor Captain A.H. Miles Headmaster of the School from 1946, and was a pupil at Verdala at the age of seven in 1939 Good luck for the reunion which I will not be attending. Would you like a photograph of Princess Elizabeth's visit in 1951 ?
14603/11/2002AdrianBakerI was at Verdala in 1954/55, my father serving as captain of RFA Eddycliff. I'm not sure which class I was in nor do I have strong recollections of class mates. I do remember however woodwork classes held in the dockyard to where we had to walk once a week. On visiting Malta in 1990 I found the school and took a photo of the old iron schoolgates rusty and neglegted but still carrying the title. Would be happy to hear from anyone who knew me. King regards Adrian
14529/10/2002AndrewMcLeodWhat a wonderful and nostalgic experience - thanks to the site organisers.
14423/10/2002TrevorBarterIt seams so long ago, but great to read the description of the visit....brings it all back. they say you remember the good times, i certainly remember Mr Woodhams and the steep hill. How about the water fights between the buses at the end of term?
14312/10/2002DianneKruczekI was at Verdala 1964 - 66, Dianne Cooley & brother John. I remember Mr Ouseby & Mr Woodhams. Have enjoyed the site, and reminiscing! Found a surprise pic of me on the Brownie photo! I remember Christiane and Susan Withers! Well done on excellent site!
14211/10/2002MadeleineBranson (nee Pickett)At Verdala 1958 - 1960. One of my teachers was Miss Batty but I'm afraid I can't remember my classmates names. I went to ballet classes and was a 'cloud' in something! Well I was quite young! Went back to Malta in August this year and with a sixth sense managed to find the school - I was surprised and very delighted, finding first the driveway and the circular bit at the top leading onto the playground - just like it used to be but with a couple of extra buildings. Hope to attend the reunion, along with a work colleague who I discovered also attended Verdale 1959-61 Phil North. Lots of lovely memories.
14107/10/2002CarlEvesWent to Verdala between 1974 - 76. Had a brilliant time. Those photos of the school they brought back so many memories. I spent ages showing my kids where I used to play marbles,had sports day, my classrooms and where i had my first fight etc. Excellent site keep up the good work.
14029/09/2002MadeleineAdamsnee Madeleine Knight Would like to trace Marion Ellis, Julia Dobson, Anne Mintoff, Alison Greenaway Verdala 1956/9. Coming to reunion in Sussex?
13825/09/2002Jennyvan RietAttended Verdala 1951 to 1953 as Jennifer Smith. My teachers in 1952 were Jean Seaward and Dinah Jessup. I now live in Australia. Have many fond memories of Malta/swimming/bus trips to school/boat trips at weekends etc.
13722/09/2002HelenParkerI was born in Malta in '58. Went to Verdala '63-'69. My dad taught at Tal Handaq "55-'69. I was the tallest kid at Verdala with bright red hair. My sister Sadie was there too (3 yrs. older) What a great experience! I remember not so fondly warm goats milk, and hot sweaty bus seats, and so fondly,the assemblies, the pantomimes, marbles, sports day, pomegaranites by the bell tower, the Marsa club and fabulous swimming! Would love to hear from anyone that knew the Parkers...we were there 14 years!
13619/09/2002MaryWalkerI was at Verdala from 61-63. Mr Woodhams, as I see from others, was an amazing influence on me. A very dear man. I arrived having been at a 'dame' school and had learnt 'joined-up' writing as opposed to 'printing'. My hand writing was dreadful. However, he supported me strongly and when I won the 'progress' prize, he came especially to my home and presented it to me in a 'grand' ceremony in front of my parents, as I had been'off' school with a bug. I was in St.Vincent, and very proud too. I remember playing Cowboys and Indians in the playground, with the girls being the horses and the boys holding our sashes as reins I think my rider was called Paul, we were Indians I think. I also still feel guilty about one young boy, called Anthony (was it Bewley ?), when I was in Mrs Moore's class, he was always in trouble for untidy work etc, one sock up- one sock down, a real boy !! He 'fell in love' with me and sent me a beautiful love letter, very neat, and no mistakes etc and I still can't bear to think of it , I tore it up in front of his face ! All the work that represented ! What a little madam ! if you read this Anthony, I am really sorry. I met up with Vanessa Wright about 27 years ago in Alverstoke. We attended ballet together, I still have a photo of myself as a 'snowflake' in the Nutcracker in my sitting room. This site is lovely and stirs some lovely memories. very best wishes to all.
13519/09/2002stephennicholsonSince I received the email inviting me to the reunion in November, I have been on this site solidly. What a fantastic site - takes me back to the island that I remember with nothing but pleasure. I was at Verdala from January 1967 to May 1969. I was in St Vincent House. I remember being in Mr Woodham's class (4AW) in my last year. I remember being in the cubs where my mum was 'Hathi'. I remember being in the school football team (in goal) when we won the league under the guidance of Mr Perkins. Some of the names I recall are David Bancroft, Andre, Stephen Why, Paddy Boyle, John McIntyre, David Harkiss, Helen Tapson, Sue Smith, Madeline (Court?) and Stephen Foote. I remember 'Speedo' the driver on the bus home to St Julians. Anyone remember me? See you in NOVEMBER
13418/09/2002HelenBirchenoughAt Verdala 1972-75. Teachers Miss Keyhoe,Miss Wilde and Miss Johnson. Remember Verdala as wonderful time. Does anyone remember singing Joseph musical? Now a teacher near Wolverhampton.
13318/09/2002HelenBirchenoughApologies for mistake in e mail address. This is correct version!
13218/09/2002HazelCoxSo very many happy memories - this is a dream come true for me. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Anyone out there who played for the netball team, 1967? - we won everything! Well done on a fantastic site!
13118/09/2002stephenNickyHello to anyone who remembers me. I was at Verdala from January 1967 to May 1969. I was in the school football team (in goal) in my last year when we won the league. Some of the names I remember are David Bancroft, Patrick Boyle, John McIntyre, Stephen Foote, Stephen Why, David Harkiss Helen Tapson and Susan Smith who - if my memory serves me right - got the same bus as me to school from St Julians (number 34). I loved my time at Verdala and have returned to Malta once on holiday to look up the old place. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
13017/09/2002PeterSorensenGreat to see you I looked unsuccesssfully for a site last year! I was at Verdala in 1966-69, Drake House. I have some of the annual school publications coving that period. I also married a fellow ex-pupil.
12917/09/2002PamSorensen (nee Cox)Hi - just so pleased to find there is a website for ex Verdala pupils - so many good memories have been rekindled!
12814/09/2002PaulCawdronMany fantastic memories rekindled when i found this site. Was at verdala 64-65 (I think!). Mr Woodhams was class teacher and I remember his science lesson creating a vacuum in a gallon can! We all sat spellbound as the can collapsed on itself!! Came second in relay race and still got certificate to prove it! Friends I remember are Christopher Cumper (we lived next door to each other in Birzebugia) and Chris I'll e mail you, Paul Gorman, sorry getting old and remember faces but not too many of the names. Does anyone remember me????
12713/09/2002IvyJackson / EatonPart two) In 1957 the school had an extensive H.M.I. inspection. Quote from report - "The Infant Dept. of the R.N. School, Verdala, compares with the best infant schools in G.B." Thanks go to the dedicated staff who worked so hard. After this report the schemes of work for the school became blueprints for service schools in the Mediterranean Area. The school was subject to "Captain's Rounds" like any other naval establishment. I remember a criticism by a medical officer while on the rounds asking "Must the children sit round tables in groups - why not in straight lines where there'd be much less chance of droplet infection"!! So much for his knowledge of educational needs! My staff included - Alma Batty (Smith), May Smedley, Val Porter, Margaret Robinson, Nan Brittlebank, Betty Skinner, Pam Lee, Kathy Burke, Doreen Storey (Hart), Margaret Harris, Shirley Harris and Margaret Grant. Greetings to them and the children. I hope to be able to attend the reunion and look forward to meeting former staff and pupils again.
12613/09/2002IvyJackson / EatonHello to all who were at Verdala from 1953-57. What a great staff I had, coping with a constant change of pupils as families were always on the move. Making sure every child got home safely, finding one of the 36 buses waiting to take them to homes situated all over the island, was taken in their stride. I remember some of the parents objected to children wearing names and the number of the bus they needed. Chiefly this was to help a reception class teacher cope with 30 - 40 new entrants in what, for the 5 year old, must have been a quite bewildering experience as they had to be taken down through fortification walls to the waiting buses. I used to marvel the way these tiny tots coped - no parents then waiting for them at the gate - what trust in school organisation! (continued below)
12511/09/2002NickWorrallGreat fun and revived many happy memories
12406/09/2002WebmasterWebmasterYes, the time has arrived for the first ever Verdala reunion. I am very pleased to announce that Christiane Morris has kindly agreed to arrange and co-ordinate the first reunion event. Christiane will be sending out invitations after the venue and date is finalised. As you may have seen through the on-line poll the majority of ex Verdalans reside on the South Coast of England. No prizes for guessing as to where logically and geographically the event will take place. The proposed date, yet to be confirmed, is Saturday 30th November 2002. Please keep your diaries free and begin spreading the word. I would personally like to thank Christiane for being so brave on taking up this quest. I'm sure that the gathering will be a great success and quite enlightening! You will be receiving an email invitation from Christiane out-lining the arrangements. If you've just stumbled upon this notification and if you have not registered at the Verdala and/or the Friends Reunited site please send your contact details directly to Christiane. Some ex Verdalans that you may still be in touch with may not be on the Internet. Please kindly notify/keep these individuals informed. KEEP A LOOK OUT ON THE SITE FOR DEVELOPMENTS.
12325/08/2002NigelAllfreyHi 1964-66 It was a wonderful time for us all - marbles, playing kiss chase and the occasional piece of learning. I found the complete play of the By the Wind Sailor from Dec 1965, with cast list. ANyone who is interested in it, please email me. Singing 'I can't get no satisfaction' in the back of the school bus (lived in Sliema). Would love to contact anyone who remembers me, especially Helen Male (was)
12224/08/2002JohnWhyStaff, 1962 to 1970, would like to contact those who remember those days.
12119/08/2002NeilMcCrindleat verdala from everyone else on here, i remember verdala as being a golden time. green uniforms in summer, grey in winter,living in paola and kalafrana. can't remember many names from my class.....only avril sharkey, whose ringlets made me weak at the knees even as an eight-year-old and another lassie, christine ?, ian lovelace, simon gwnfryn-evans....i remember mr why ( and being rather scared of him) and i think the headmaster was commander northey....i dropped in at verdala while on holiday about 10 years ago and was amazed at how small it certainly seemed much bigger when i was a kid, with a playground that seemed to stretch forever...those buses too! in malta then was the happiest time of my life i think

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