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32003/08/2006Richard [ Dick ]AdamsSo many good memories from just looking through the site,i am even on a photo in the gallery, that was a big shock, iwas in MALTA from 55/59 lived in SENGLEA my sister CATH ADAMS visets malta each year on holiday, i cant ,i am sorry to say as i am now disabled, and short of the old ready,s but iam always trolling through the site to see if i can remember anyone, IF YOU DO REMEMBER ME please drop me a line, i would love it,MANY GOOD WISHES TO YOU ALL, DICK ADAMS
31903/08/2006CherieTiptonI went to verdala 1967-68 for third grade, my teacher was Mr. Powell. I know his son was in my class, and my friend was Joanne. I loved living in Malta for that year while my father who was a History Professor did his research on the Knights of Malta. I remember the bowling alley I believe it was in valetta, that all the sailors would frequent. My brother and I got to tour a lot of navy ships by becoming friends of the sailors. I also remember milk being brought to our classrooms every day for a snack which I believe was goat milk and it was flavored and colored Don't think I would like to drink that ever again. Also remember being afraid of the headmaster, cause I didn't want to be hit with the cane. Looked very painful.
I remember seeing someone get hit across the back of the legs, and I was sure I would be good my entire time there after that. I didn't want any part of that. Also remember recorder class. and the ropes. Also a swimming pool which wasn't very deep. and sewing class where we made this little felt doll that held needles and pins. Wow. such fun times. I would love to visit Malta again someday. My brother has been back with his family. Said it's quite a tourist place now. Still would be fun to see our old flat. and ride the bus. Remember the bus only cost 1/2 penny. and the 1/2 penny was the largest coin.
31811/07/2006ChristineCarrollSo many memories coame flooding back when i found this site!!! I attended 58-61 and was in Miss Candy's class when i left.I lived in Silema Trafalgar navy flats with my two brothers John and Robert and sister Maureen.My Dad was based at fort Angelo.I can remember playing with Susan Thompson(i think that was her surname)and Pauline Fenton.We moved back to Liverpool in 61 and i have'nt been further a field since.I've been back to Malta a few times but cannot find the school or where i lived so if anyone could jog my ageing memory i'd be grateful. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you remember me or my family.
31709/07/2006LindsayMcNeilWhat a fab web site. I attended Verdala from 1958 to 1961 when I sat my 11 plus and went to Tal Handaq Sept 1961. We returned to England January 1962 my father was in the navy and I can remember him working at the Naval base in Valletta. I have sister 2 years older than me her name is Sandra and a sister 4 years younger her name is Janine. I was a cat in Peter and the Wolf and remember going to the pictures to see Princess Margaret's wedding, and of course I remember the bus rides to and from school. Oh how I wish I could remember more. I have been in contact with Miss Meeking and do remember Miss Rowe, ballet classes and recorder classes. My mother died in 1965 and I do not have any photos of these days. If anyone remembers our family it would be lovely to hear from you.
31604/07/2006MaryCarter (Nee Furness)I attended Verdala from 1955 to 1958 and remember some very happy times there. My brother John was also there. One day l was very brave and nervous going to the Headmaster asking if we could roller skate during lunch time. Does anyone remember taking part in that activity? My family lived in Sliema. I have been back many times living down in memory lane. I missed the Reunion in 2005. Hope there will be another one soon.
31523/06/2006GeoffreyBamberMemories of Verdala 1951/4. This was the only school I ever attended where you could find cartridge cases and dud bullets in the grounds. The terrace below the Hall had been used as a range during the war and finds were a common occurence. In his history of the school the Headmaster makes mention of gardening being encouraged. Every House had its plot, mine was on the left as you come up the driveway. You bet we were enthusiastic about gardening but it had nothing to do with plants. He had given us licence to turn over large areas in our hunt for ammunition and, during Activity Periods, the tools to do so! Gardening continued through all breaks using home made picks made out of conduit tubing and steel spikes. I bet he was proud of our industry - if only he had known our motivation.
31419/06/2006PaulineMorrisHave just found this site and think its great. I attended Verdala 65-67 aged 9-11. I lived in Kalkara and came to school with brother Richard (a year older) and brother David (3yrs younger). We can remember enjoying our school time. Richard is in the B football team photo as the goalie in 1966, we have the photo as well. Trying to remember other things as well, but alot has happened since Verdala and the grey matter is not what it was!
31319/06/2006PaulineMorrisI forget to say my maiden name was Means.
31213/06/2006CatherineCondieHow wonderful to find this site and how weird life is. I had an unbelievably vivid dream last week and woke thinking of my school days at Verdala. I was there from 1959 to 1963 and as one of the members said, I feel we were more than privileged to enjoy such an
Interesting childhood.
I left Scotland one grey day, got off the plane after what seemed like eons, to be greeted by sheets of rain bouncing of the tarmac. I was most disappointed as Mum?s big selling point to persuade us how much we would enjoy Malta was that the sun would be shining. Imagine my delight when the next morning all I saw was the bright blinding light I was to get so used to over the next few years.
I too remember the climbing frames, one for the boys, one for the girls and playing marbles, such fun.
31113/06/2006CatherineCondieI forgot to mention in that last post that if you look at the photograph entitled ?Roy Jenkins, class 4AJ, 1959-1960? I am the girl that?s 2nd row back from the front, 2nd in from the left.
31030/05/2006GeoffreyBamberI was at Verdala from 1951 to 1954 when I moved to Tal Handak. Great site. I haven't recognised any names yet except my 4AJ Teacher Mrs. Storm. Undoubtedly the best teacher I ever had in any of the 7 schools I attended. I owe her a lot
30929/05/2006JosephScerriLast week I was with the minister of education where in the past I had meetings with him about the school and he informed me about the Verdala school that there is going to be a total refurbishment in summer. Even the Dome that there is in the hall.Did you knew that the Dome and the Palm tree which is in the yard you can see it from all over Malta? I was reading the comment of Steve Kimber I.D.302 which he sad that when he was in Malta in 1963-64. In his comment Mr.Kimber said that he was living next door to Mintoff's (Previous Prim Minister) brother who was murdered.Sorry to say that he's mistaken. All of Mintoff's brothers none of them was murdered.Probally Mr.Kimber is confusing to another accident.
30826/05/2006JosephScerriI'm the Mayor of Cospicua and the Headteacher of Verdala school told me about this site. It is very interesting site. My father used to work in the Royal Navy and it's a nostalgy when you see a site like this. Keep it up

Joseph Scerri
30716/05/2006PeterPrictoeI was at Verdala school from 1934 to 1938 when we lived at Rinella in some married quarters of Fort Ricasoli and have happy memories of the time. Later I served in Malta with the RAF. I suppose that there are few of my period on the internet as I am now in my eighties.

Peter Prictoe
30630/04/2006IainFlettCongratulations on a very good website, which I've just found. Brings back memories of the crash gearbox oil and garlic-fumed brightly painted buses which got me to school, probably by the help of the St Christopher medallion on the cracked windscreen!
Iain Flett
30522/04/2006SherrylFlatbush (Now Clark)My brother, Jeff, and I were at Tal Handaq from 1967 to 1970. Our dad opened the American Attache office in Valetta. We lived in Naxxar. I remember Evelyn Morgan, Rosalind and her twin brother, Chris (forgot surname), Karen Burgess and her brother, Budgie, and Stephen (forgot surname); Chris and David Brine (twin brothers); Michael Cassar Torregiani; and Letitia (forgot surname). I have pictures of these classmates while in Malta.
30422/04/2006AilsaLaurie (Now Annis)I was interested to read Laraine Penns comments as I was also in the Pied Piper. I was a Primrose and was also in the Jellyfish Ballet.Reading through the cast list brings all the names of my classmates back to me, it seems like yesterday. I am going back to Malta in June, and will try and find Verdala.
30305/04/2006LarainePennSpent seven and half years in Malta from 1950 - june 1960 lovely to see the photos of the pied piper, remember it so well I was a rose and prince dragonfly or as I am sure I thought THE BEES KNEES! lovely to see the photographs of all the children and the teachers, Went back to Malta Middle of 1980's found Verdala but couldn't find Tal Handaq loved seeing malta again we used to love goind swimming at manol island ? and roller skating best childhood ever
30220/03/2006SteveKimberIt seems such a long time ago, although I have revisit Malta and Verdala in the late 70's, early and mid 80's. I was packed off on a very long bus ride at the age of six, not knowing where I was going, or how I was going to get home again. Lived @ flat 2, 1 Marina Alley, Pieta duing 1963-64, next door to Mintoffs brother who was murdered whilst we were there! I can remember the Queen & Prince Phillip going past in an open top car during the independance celebrations.Hope to revisit Malta soon for some diving.
30107/03/2006ChrisJenkinsI hasten to add, I was not skiving off! I have always found that I can concentrate on work better if there is either music or radio in the background!
30007/03/2006MartinEbbensWhat a lovely short story, I could almost smell the garlic, and I can remember Octopus at Balluta bay, never had any myself (yuk).
Thanks for providing the link, I've just spent 15 minutes of NHS time wallowing in nostalga (I will make up the time).
take care everyone.
29907/03/2006JaneStubbs Now BanksThank you ,Webmaster for providing us with 'Tomato Sauce'.I had been trying to get it all day to no avail, then I saw you've put it on Site ! Vivian Jones could be any one of us girls ,it was just as she has said ! I could just eat a piece now !Yummy memories,Grazzi hafna.
29806/03/2006ChrisJenkinsDid anybody else hear the Afternoon Reading on Radio 4 on Wednesday March 1? The story, entitled "Tomato Sauce" was about an RN officer's daughter lioving in Malta, who attended the 'Royal Naval School Verdala'. It appeared to be almost autobiographical. According to the Radio 4 website, the author is one Vivian Jones. Does anybody know her?ondering if
29706/03/2006JoMogridgeYes I heard the short story on Wednesday. My dad loved the Maltese bread with tomato sauce. Like the little girl, I was not allowed to go inside the Maltese neighbours' houses, just on the steps where I could be seen. It evoked so many memories
29606/03/2006LizMardel (McMeeking)My brother heard it and phoned to say it was on. I was out but listened to it on the BBC website's 'Listen Again' facility on this computer. If you enter "Scottish Shorts, Tomato Sauce" (including the inverted commas) in the 'Search' slot on the home page you can hear it tomorrow (Tuesday March 7th) and possibly Wednesday. Sorry, I meant to post this a few days ago! I contacted the BBC and asked them to tell Vivian Jones about this site - don't know if they will!!
29510/02/2006barbaracleaverI was at Verdala between l957 and l960. I can`t remember the class or teachers names. I lived in Dingli Street in Sliema and remember the long bus ride to school. My father taught at TalHandak. I have wonderful memories of Malta, including the Marsa Club and watching dad play cricket there. Also my favourite beach Paradise Bay.
29405/02/2006ArchieCarterLived in Sliema opposite the stadium in Lourdes buildings.My dad was the CPO TASI at Msida, Nick Carter. Remember travelling every day to school, the climbing frames and playing marbles.Strange but always remember chemistry experiments in big brown boxes - the thrill and expectation!!! Best bit was half days in summer and down Manoel island beach club also the roller skating to music on the tennis courts.
29305/02/2006AilsaLaurieI was at Verdala between 1957 and 1959, I started in 3B1 with Mrs Steele, I then went into 4A2 with Miss Rowe. I was also in the Brownie pack and attended Miss Rowes ballet class. We lived in St Julians Court, Balluta. I found this site by accident and was amazed how many wonderful memories I still have. I will be going back to Malta in June and I will certainly go back to see the school.
29230/01/2006LynneMerrinI was at Verdala in 1954. My father was a Royal Naval Officer serving with the Fleet Air Arm at Hal Far. I think that I must have moved to Tal Handaq in 1955. From Verdala I particularly remember ny teacher Miss Rowe who gave me much encouragement as I was academically a 'bit slow'. I also remember Miss Vaizey (SP?). Interested to hear from anyone from this period and would like to know what happened to Miss Rowe. I currently live in Beirut but will be returning to UK later this year (2006). My married name is Poole.
29121/01/2006theresahuntVerdala was my first school. I remember, age 5, being put on a bus and getting to the school and freaking out not knowing what to do or where to go. Much the same as my shock at finding this site and seeing the old classroom etc. AND I was in Nelson and have the belt still and the school badge...what memories here. Thanks
29014/01/2006CliveDaviesI found this site via a link from DYRMS OBA site. I transferred to Verdala when Tigne school was closed. I think I was there for about 2 years between 1970 and 1972 (ish). I was in Nelson House and had a great time at the School. It's a pity that there are no photo's depicting the brief period that I was at the school. I do remember a Parrot though! Names of friends are now hazy although I recall Graham Gooch and Michael Orr as two particularly good mates living in Tigne.
28930/12/2005VincentRamseyI thought that I'd better re-visit the site as it has been a long time since I last looked here.

Sorry I couldn't make the latest reunion..being in school term time was just a bit inconvenient for me. I would love to get to another one.

Some new names have posted here that I remember..Sharon Clulow, Alison McBee (who lived near me in Malta), and Carol Calcott (some of whom were my sister's (Catherine) friends). It does seem that many from my era (1971-1974) do not seem to post on here, which is a shame as - at the reunion near Brighton a couple of years ago - only 3 from this era were there (Steven Wrenn, Julian Hayward, and myself).

Anyway, hopefully this site will attract more - and grow in strength. Thanks for rekindling fond memories.

Happy New Year,

- Vincent
28829/12/2005ElizabethMardel (Miss McMeeking)Hello Bill. Amazing, isn't it, finding news of all these ex-pupils now matured, retiring, becoming grandparents etc etc when we last knew them as 5 to 11 yr old kids! Very daunting, but good to know that so many have very happy memories of Verdala isn't it! Perhaps if the memories are not so good they don't write in!! I did send you a notice about the reunion didn't I? I tried to let all the ex-staff know. (Can't have this conversation through your daughter's e-mail as Alastair's suspended it at the moment!) - Liz
28726/12/2005Bill WillsherWillsherSorry we were unable to make the reunion. Very interested to see the old faces from the photo gallery our grandson showed us on his computer.
Please keep us both up to date with events and you can always e-mail my daughter Susan at the given e-mail address.
28619/12/2005LizMardel (Miss McMeeking)Thank you Rita for your Christmas and New Year wishes. I?ve still to send the photos to you for the archive but need to consult my computer guru about it first. Did you see what I wrote in the Forum about our visit to the school, and about your talk? - I hope I quoted you accurately, I thought your history of the school site was fascinating. Happy Christmas and New Year to all at Verdala - past and present.
28518/12/2005RitaDeBattistaI would like to send my greetings for Christmas to all the ex students and teachers that I met last September for the second re-union of the Royal Naval School and all the ones that I have met since 1986/87 when I started teaching at Guzeppi Despott Boys' JL. Special regards go to Lin, Liz Mardel, the Clarks, Hugh and of course Alastair Newman the webmaster who is making it so easy for us all to keep contact. Thanks Jane Banks for her warm wishes to us all at present day Verdala. I will put copies of your regards Jane on the noticeboards of our staffrooms.
Best wishes to all also for the New Year!!
28414/12/2005RitaDeBattistaI am subject co-ordinator of Geography at Verdala. The school is now called Guzeppi Despott Boys Junior Lyceum. I started teaching here during scholastic year 1986/1987 and since then I have been collecting information about the past history of this site on top of Margherita Hill within the limits of Cospicua. It is always interesting to meet exservicemen, former students and teachers of the Royal Naval Schools who quite often visit our school.
28307/12/2005TracyRadfordYour school looks great fun.The scenery in the plays quite fantastic. If Kevin Stenning reads this please get in touch.Tracy Radford
28204/12/2005KeithPetley1957>1959 Verdala Miss McMeeking Class
1959>1962 Tal Handaq 1B? & 2B
Some of the best years of my life, No worries, lots of sun, loads of friends, parties etc.
Was fortunate to go to Gibraltar for 3-1/2yrs after Malta so had a real fun childhood.
Now Live in Perth Australia and love it, climate similair to Malta and lots of beaches and Ocean. Keith
28121/11/2005MarioZammitMy father was a CPO in the Navy,but he spent most of his service life at sea or in the UK. We came out to Malta in 1979 when he retired. I missed England badly. I used to spend hours exploring derelict ex Services buildings and establishments,maybe it was a link to my earlier life? But from this grew an avid interest in all aspects of life in British Malta. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about this website through an article in the Times of Malta about the september '05 reunion. I've realy enjoyed browsing it, it has allowed me to finally put faces and stories to the old buildings. Stories which echo my own happy childhood memories in England. Best of luck to you all and keep it up, for besides being of value for ex students and staff to contact each other it also provides a vivid snap shot of how life was for service families on Malta.
28018/11/2005ValFraserANyone remember Val or Ron Fraser, 1956-59
Ron was at Verdala the full three years and I was there for one year then two at Tal Handaq.

27921/10/2005JoanneMutter (now Gollandeau)I was in Verdala infants from aged 5 - 6 (1964-1965) and have super memories of my time there, although names escape me. I recall just how big those climbing frames looked, the bus journey to school from Balluta Bay where I lived, and the many water fountains dotted around the school premises. I remember one day that the class were all called to go outside to look at hailstones - I was in Miss Stewarts class at the time and most of us had either never seen hailstones, or had come to Malta at an age where we couldn't recall having seen them before. I do feel privileged to have been to Verdala and am glad to see that other pupils memories are as happy as mine are.
27821/10/2005GaryKingHi to you all
I have only just stumbled across this website and I find it absolutely fascinating
A credit to you all
My memories of Tal Handaq School are not brilliant but it certainly got the brain going again ?especially the photo of the school gates
Apparently I was that horrible little boy on the bus that screamed & cried at the site of the gates every day
I went to Tal Handaq School from 1961 to 1964 I would have been 5yrs old
My name is Gary King & my father was Chief Petty Officer Gerry King
I think my sister went to this school as well her name is Christine King
We lived in Gasan Court , Testaferrata St in Gzira
Went back there this year and have got some excellent photos
Next time you have a reunion count me in?.. Im 1st on the Bus !
Fantastic photographs ? well done
Cheers to all ?? Happy Days

27716/10/2005DavidFrancisI was at Verdala from the ages of 5 to 7: 1969 to the evacuation following the election of Dom Mintoff in 1971. I do remember playing marbles in marble alley, behind one of the school buildings. Being able to go up to the top of the school to see the JFK Aicraft carrier arrive. I had a teacher who had a parrot in the classroom, which it was said would bite your finger off if you stuck it in the cage. I remember a girl class mate and I being dressed up as an old couple for a school assembly where the parents were invited. The audience laughed so much that they had to close the curtains before order was restored. All I remember at the time was being embarrassed. We performed a tableau about the couple getting a letter from the son in Australia and then the class sang 'When I'm 64' by The Beatles.
We used to spend the afternoons at Kalafrana; an old sea plane base; because my father was in the RAF. We would swim off the chequerboard blocks and explore the deserted buildings and have a wonderful time. Before living in Malta we had lived in Bally Kelly in Northern Ireland and afterwards we were found somewhere to live in married quarters in Northumberland in a bitterly cold winter. And I was miserable. We had very little notice of the evacuation; I believe we heard it on the news on family favourites. My father had to stay behind and my poor mother had to take us (I, at 7 was the oldest of three boys!) from Brize Norton to Northumberland on public transport. We were able to bring very little and had to leave some of our belongings behind. I remember being called out in assembly at the school in Northumberland with another boy from Verdala who I hadn't known that well before but who became a friend for the short time I was there. I wonder if other people have memories of that experience? I have never spoken about it to anyone outside of my family. We were very happy in Malta.
27615/10/2005LizMardel (formerly McMeeking)Many thanks, Sue Adams, for your comments below. As with everyone else it was good to put a face to your e-mails! I've posted my (rather lengthy!) afterthoughts about the reunion into the Forum.
27505/10/2005RobertPountney/TribbleI was only at Verdala for a short time in 1954 when I sat the 11 plus and moved to Tal Handaq until 1956. Have vague memories of the classroom in the middle of the fort, very exciting for a 10 year old. We lived in Paola as my stepfather was on HMS Barhill in Marsa Creek. Fell madly in love with an RAF Sqdn Ldrs daughter who lived in Sliema, heart broken when she left Malta before me!Went back last month for a holiday but couldn't find either school, good excuse for going back again. Went swimming at Ghaijn Tuffieha Bay for the first time in 50 years, it could have been yesterday.
27425/09/2005SueAdamsJust been to the Verdala reunion (2005).6 pupils from 4Aj there,wonderful time,especially visitng the school again and reliving those very happy memories.Many thanks to Linda and Liz for their brilliant organization.Iwas in Malta 59-61,it now looks tidier every where.But you can take the pupil out of the school but not the school out of the pupil!!!
27331/08/2005MalcolmWilsonI was in Malta 1958-60 with my teenage sister June. We lived in Sliema. My sister was involved in a car accident on the airfield. I attended Verdala. I do not remember much, except the climbing frames and Christmas parties. Does anyone remember me / us? My late father was on the RFA Roseleigh?
27230/08/2005JackieCunninghamI was in Malta 1952-55 and then 57-59. I caught polio and was at Mtarfa hospital for over seven months. After that I went to Verdala. I was in Nelson House (red) and my teacher was Miss Robinson. I too remember the Tuck Shop and playing cowboys and Indians. My dad was on HMS Glasgow and then HMS Striker. We first lived in Paula and I can remember listening to the goat herd with their bells, passing the house early morning and late evening. Second time we lived in Senglia and used to go swimming in the harbor, swimming out to the buoys where some the fleet were moored, much to the annoyance of the harbor police. I remember the regattas and days at the beach. We loved it. I was at Tal Handaq this time. Have never been back but remember it fondly. My maiden name was Poole, and I can only remember one name of a boy (Henry Moore) whom I had a crush on. Of course, I'm sure he didn't know. This is a great site, brought back alot of memories.
27129/08/2005MikeVerneyI was at Verdala from 1964 to 1966 and there I am on the 1965 cub picture, frightening! My mother was Akela of the pack around 65/66 and some people may still remember her.

I used to live in Gasan Court on Testerferata Street. I have not been back yet but I keep meaning to get around to it. This is a great site and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
27022/08/2005MALCOLMTURGOOSEI was at Verdala from 1954/1957 and my last teacher was Miss Butters.My father was on HMS Forth for all that time as his designated relieve ordnance engineer officer was killed on Forth's sister ship HMS Maistone at Portland in a high test peroxide experimental torpedo explosion which ment we were in Malta for over 3 years instead of the normal two.Have visited Malta many times since and still love the place.
We lived at Balluta Bay in the married quarters there which are now obviously private flats.
I can remember lots of friends at Verdala in my mind but not their names now.
26918/08/2005SusanBeckI went to different school in Malta (!'m half English, half Maltese), but mixed with lots from Verdala/Tal-Handaq schools on Tigne Beach in Sliema from about 1960 - 1967;including Ian Proctor, Dave Gillam, Jane Baxter, Jane Holt, Steve ?, plus others whose names escape me. If any one remembers me - do make contact. I live in UK and France, but am a frequent visitor to Malta.
26812/08/2005MarionHanceI loved looking through this site. I have very fond memories of my time in Malta and although I can't really recall many names I know that I loved Verdala. I was six when I joined in October 1961 and I left in November 1963 and didn't want to go back to the UK. My sister Jillian was 9/10. Our last name was Hance and our Dad served (I think) on HMS Surprise at that time. My fondest memory is of being lucky enough to be given our class teacher's budgie Peter. She was giving it away because she was leaving. I was in Drake house and I think Jillian was in Hawkins. My brother David Hance went to Talhandaq. I remember my first ever kiss was from a boy called Howard. I remember how I hated that horrible sour milk, except the chocolate one. I remember how cold the water was in the pool. We lived in Pieta, Hookham Freer Street opposite a little grocery shop where we would buy American bubble gum. I also went to ballet and I remember my sister was friends with the daughter of the ballet teacher. She hated ballet and wanted to ride horses. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. I live in Florida in the USA now.
26704/08/2005StephenBenthamI was a pupil at Verdala 1960-63. I was in the infants back then but can still remember swimming at manoel island, Sundays at paradise bay.We lived in flats in Sliema called Marshall Courts.My dad was serving on the Ausonia at this time, do any of your parents remember him Charlie.ben.Bentham. Best wishes to everyone who were at Verdala
26628/07/2005barbaraparsonageI was at Verdala from 1972 to 1975 - and have many happy memories of those long lost innocnet and sunny days! Commander Bond was our headmaster and sent all the girls in school Valentines cards with the story of St Valentime printed inside! I wasin Mr Joernings class and also remember Miss Tranter, Mrs Ferrugia-Bell, Mr Medlicott and Mrs Medlicott - they got married when i was there but cant remember her maiden name! I giggled a lot and Mr Joernings would make me stand in the corridor! I was friends with Lesley Langford, and in love with Paul Hatherley (he had at least two sisters) and Simon Williams - we used to play 'war' at play times and i would be the nurse!! I also remember mad tricks on the red bars in the playground, getting my 'width' swimming certificate in the pool on the hill behind the classrooms. My sister Lisa was in Mrs Ferrugi-Bells class and so was my brother Mickey - Lisa used to do good impressions of Mrs FB for the rest of the class. I remember running down the hill to get the school buses home and i remember playing 'Spanish Eyes' on my guitar for an assembly or evening recital thingy! Have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the site - will be back!
26509/07/2005DeirdreKingI was at Verdala from 1963-65 and have very happy memories. We lived in Sliema, Gzira and then Balzan. In Gzira, our rooftop overlooked the football stadium, and although he wasn't remotely interested in the sport, my father became VERY popular with his colleagues! I would like to say "Hi" to Mr Carroll, who was a fabulous teacher.
26402/07/2005KayHainesIn the staff line up photo of 1965 just to say that I am number 12 - School Secretary Kay Haines
26329/06/2005DonaldStrattonI was in 3A and 4A in 1965 and 1966 then went of to Tal Handaq and Mr. Ratcliffe's Latin classes.
I was often seen in the company of Colin Crossley, Stephen King, George Mattingley, Anne Caley, Linda Patterson. I was captain and then vice captain of St. Vincent in 1966 (standards clearly began to slip starting then). I remember some of the guests names already seen.
Great job on the website, by the way. Well done.
26226/06/2005anthonyarpaThis is a gret site keep it up.
26124/06/2005stanbradshawserved narvik 1958 christmas isle tests
anyone off that commission knew me.
26014/06/2005SteveBlakewayHello to everyone. I've just found this site. My sister and I were there in 61 and 62 and this brings back some wonderful memories. Great times, hot weather. Lived in Reed Street Gazera near Selima, not far from Manal Island where we used to swim most summer days. I too remember the cold winter in 63 when returning back to teh Victory estate in Gosport
25931/05/2005RogerPowellHi there all - Roger Powell here - was at Verdala from around 55 - 62 I think. My sister Lynda attended too. Be great to hear from anyone who remembers us!
25829/05/2005BrianLowe/HorganI was born in April 1957 and attended Verdala School 1961-1963, infants. Unfortunately, I don't remember names of classmates or staff, except I recognised Mr Why from the staff photo. I remember the the swimming lessons and the heart stopping bus journeys to and from school and forgetting which was my stop on the way home on my first day. My name was Brian Lowe back then but I am now Brian Horgan. We lived in the flats in Sliema. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or was in the infants at that time, (see photos, one of me in khaki uniform & one of me and my mum Anita Horgan - I'm the one in the school blazer!). I am now working as a bus driver in Lancaster!
25722/05/2005PhilipCouperI attended Verdala, for about 3 years, returning to a very cold England in November '63.
We lived in the just built Promenade flats above Invicta Furishings,over looking Sleima Creek & Maneol Island. I have fond memories of Maltese Buses, Floriana was a treat, I made freinds with a Maltese driver & his family, I also had a boat, it broke my heart coming home to UK, to this day i will say my best years. I sold my boat (Dora Bella) to Mr Why I think ,who had a yacht called Puffin, and spent time with him on it with his son.
I have been back to Malta many times, even staying in Promenade flats now owned by a Mr Muscat. I have visited Verdala, each time being made welcome.All the best Phil.
25620/05/2005PeterMcBainHi all, like you went to Verdala,till Aug 1964.Lived @ 8 Marshall's Court, Sliema.What a bus trip.Remember Carol Carr & Michael Macdonald from the flats,and a boy with a wooden leg,in my year @ school,but not good with names.Have some good memories of school and Malta,xmas parties on the submarine etc,great times.Take care all.
25516/05/2005peterprictoeI have still not found anyone at Verdala with me but that was back in 1934-1938!
25416/05/2005PeterPrictoeThere must be someone from pre-II war days who was at Verdala as I was in the nineteen thirties.

Mind you I am coming up 80 so there cannot be many of us!
25302/05/2005RobertBrownHi I was at verdala from 55-57 what wonderful memories I have, the best years of my life, what adventures I had, no school in the afternoon just adventures and pure fun. I lived in Senglea and my father was serving on HMS surprise berthed off senglea point. I cant remember any names but would like to hear from anyone out there at the same time
25230/04/2005AlastairNewmanWelcome to the new and combined guest book. This book was compiled from two guest books dating back to 2001. Enjoy. Best regards
25110/04/2005HeatherBauchopeI attended Verdala 1966-1967 then Tal Handaq till 1969. I have very fond memories-the bus journey from Sliema to Verdala, hanging upside down from the rope frame, and the marbles. Trying to get out quickly at playtime to get the best "hole" for the marbles. I seem to remember I won a lot of marbles but when I moved to Tal Handaq I gave my young brother Andrew my huge bag full of marbles to take to Tigne school and he lost the lot in one day!!
Also loved school sports day. Still have my Verdala sports certicates, Verdala and Tal Handaq school reports. I even have a book I got at prize giving in 1967.
My best friend was Eleanor Ross whose dad was the Deputy Headmaster. We kept in touch until 1975 then unfortunately lost touch. I would love to get in touch with her again.
I still go to Malta most years, often twice a year. The island has changed enormously since the 1960s but I'm still drawn there.
25007/04/2005SharonComlay now Clapsonhello,i was fortunate to be at Verdala from 1963-1966.Such happy memories and happy times-sun sea,swimming and sports day!!
I was taught by Miss Rowe.Miss Mulch and Mr Why.
i remember the swimming pool and my class having a garden to tend near Miss Mulch's classroom.i had an oval garden to care for i remember.
the buses were great.i had to walk to a bus stop near Manuel Island each day inorder to catch the bus.
I loved tthe climbing ropes and watching the school panto-jeremy Thompson was The Admiral!!
Happy days but as i have small children i will be unable to attend the re-union(Yes i was late in starting a family).
Hope the reunion goes well and all enjoy themselves.
Bon Voyage -i hope they do not still serve warm milkshakes!!!
24909/03/2005KayHainesI was school secretary from 1965-1967 and have many happy memories of my time there. I have been back to Verdala twice since then, when on holiday in Malta, and was pleased to find the web site to catch up with news and read the messages. Malta is still one of my favourite places for holidays.
24808/03/2005NickiBoulton / BarnesHi, I attended Verdala 1962-1965 and have just visited the site again. What memories; rushing for the bus, getting sun-stroke on sports day, the flavoured milk at break-time and does anyone remember the swimming gala and hammerhead shark episode? I am terrible at names and will need to look at the old mags and school reports! I am going to try and attend the reunion and fingers crossed I will hear from some old classmates. Brilliant website!
24706/03/2005JoMogridge now WoodallHave just found details of the reunion, so forget what I said earlier!
24606/03/2005SteveFrostI was at verdala from 1965 to 1969 think I did 11+ then we went back to uk had a great time browsing this website brought back many memories some names I remember andrew scut,leslie dunbar,paul kennington,graham ferguson and glen macklin and Mr why was my last teacher there,I remeber marbles,kiss chase ,swimming, the blue lady and the rope climbing frames. Great days they were.
24505/03/2005JoMogridge now WoodallHi - I was at Verdala from September 1956 to July 1959. I went on to Tal-Handaq in 1965. I have many happy memories of my time in Malta, the climbing ropes where I was upsidedown for most of the time, and especially those wonderful buses! I have so far returned twice and hope to go again to the reunion in September, but cannot find any details of it on the site. I remember a few names from Verdala - Ann Grigg, Jane Stubbs, Anne Mintoff, Russell Winterbourne, Peter Mulvaney, Ian & Anne Pennington, Ian Proctor. And staff - Mrs Farrugia, Mr. Lewis and Mr Radford {who was my father-in-law for 8 years, and who sadly died in Dec 2003}. If anyone remembers me, get in touch!
24413/02/2005DouglasGreenThought I'b better reregister inthe new book.
I have only happy memories of childhood spent in chocolate sundae ice creams in the plastic push up cones at Tigne Beach. I attended Verdala 1966 to 1970.Hawkins House.Wasn't keen on that swimming pool on the hill. Marbles at playtime behind the library more enjoyable.Fell off the climbing frame/net located at the top of the school drive. Broke my elbow,rescued by matron and spent a few days at Bighi hospital. Also remember playing somersaults in a cut out container against the wall backing on to the sports field.Felt ever so important one summer when we came to school in the Admirals car a shiny black Ford Zodiac !
Was Commander Northey the Headmaster ?
The only names of contemporaries that I can recall are;Neil Pigeon [dad was a Naval Dentist],Alistair Soutar,Mark Vincent [I think his dad was in the RAF]
Jeremy Smith [from Scarborough]-he had a penchant for malt loaf sandwiches.
Where are you all now ? Still have the slides that my parents took at sportsday 68/69/70, on and the medal for the 100 yards .
24301/02/2005JaneBanks / StubbsI attended Verdala 55-58 and my memory tells me I enjoyed my schooldays there! I have already signed thisGuest Book No 62 However I am submitting a new email address as no62 is now void. If old friends have tried to get in touch please contact me on my new address as I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you Alistair for this site and the memories it brings back!! .
24211/12/2004MichelleMickleboroughHi everyone, I attended Verdala between 1972 and 1974. I have many fond memories of the place. I remember Mr Bond our Headmaster and his great story telling, sports day and the school bus races. My older brother John attended Tal Handaq.
24117/11/2004SharonHeard / ClulowI was at verdala 74/75 begfore going onto talhandaq for around 6 months. I was in Mrs. Johnsons class I remember Penny Dowse we stayed in contact for a good many years but shes in Australia now. I also remember my very dear friend Alison McBee, Carol Calcutt,many happy memories!
24002/11/2004CaroleAdams / MillisI was at Verdala 56-58 I can't remember any friends name only my teachers Mr Wilshire. I think I wore a yellow sash. Remember playing marbles, finishing school early in the summer and off to Manoel Island all afternoon.
23925/10/2004AlexWrightAttended Verdala 69/71. Did not come back after the evacuation. Loved every minute. My Dad was a teacher at Tal Handaq. Now live in France.
23809/10/2004Rosalyn KayRobertsonI attended Verdala from 1955 - 1958 and was in Drake House. I remember Paul Lovell as a friend. Also Miss Reid, teaching ballet and the lovely Miss Vasey. They were very happy years and I went on to attend Tal-Handaq from 1960 - 1963. Does anyone remember my brother Roddy Robertson, a very good sportsman along with Graham Stubbs?
23703/10/2004NicholasEvansI must admit to not remembering many names - I was at Verdala 1966 -1968 but am looking forward to the reunion in 2005. If there is anyone else in the same situation would like to hear from you. My father who is going to come out as well was the BSO at St. Angelo 1966 - 1969.
23628/09/2004Nicola-JayneChapmanMy sister Lorretta, brother Andrew and myself attend Verdala and loved it. Lorretta is in the netball photo for 1966 (back left).
Would love to hear from anyone who attended the same years as us.
1966 - 1969
23528/09/2004Nicola-JayneChapmanSorry got the wrong year for Lorretta - she is in the 1967 Netball photo
23420/08/2004JulieMargarson / LambertJust browsing on the internet and typed in Verdala, to my surprise and delight this turned up! I was at Verdala from 1961-1964, was in Drake, and can honestly say that I enjoyed myself so much there that I didnt want to return to the UK! The picture gallery was a real nostalgia trip, thank you!
23311/08/2004SusanReedWe were all so lucky being able to live such a wonderful life style. Snaps show how we, as children, blossomed in our new life in the sunshine after a cold and bleak start in postwar England.
Memories of the baking sun on Sports Day, making daisy chains, hanging upside down on the monkey bars etc. Xmas nativity play. Great memories!
23205/08/2004DavidWirrichI wondered in a quiet moment whether there was anything on the web about Verdala and to my great surprise I was delighted to find this page.
I will now devour it all and trust I will be able to join the next reunion
23105/08/2004davidwirrichI forgot to mention I was in Hawkins and was at Verdala from July 1963 to July 1964, when I went "up" to tal-Handaq. Can anyone remember my friends David Mercer and Nick Holloway?
23003/08/2004JaneBanks / StubbsCongratulations on a wonderful nostalgic back to school experience!I was at Verdala from 54-58.I was in Mr Ousbey'class 3C and 4C.My brother Graham went to Tal Handaq and was very good at sports.We lived in Sliema, Egmont Close.My Father was stationed at Dingli.We also knew the Tuckers and the Jeffrys !Does anyone remember the Stubbs ??
22910/07/2004StephenHuntI was in the infants department in 1962&early63, and the junior department in 63 and early64.I remember the school but few classmates names remain. I still have schoolreports signed by M.A. McIntyre,Mary Sylvester Head and W.B Lewis.
22802/07/2004KeithBarberI was at Verdala from May 1958 to May 1961. In my last year at the school I was in Mr Ross' class. I played in goal for the football team in my last year and my memory of this is that we did not concede a goal all season!
22730/06/2004BrendaBroad / CoombsI attended Verdala with my twin sister Ruth from 1956-1958. We lived in Gzira and have loads of happy memories of our time in Malta. Ruth and I hope to meet up with teachers and pupils next September.
22629/06/2004stevebyrneI was at Verdala 75/76 in Miss Armstrongs class. I was good friends with Mark Baxter and a lad called Simion. I seemed to spend alot of playtimes kept in, to finish off work ,with a girl who was the smallest in the year, but was very funny and we never got anything done. The same thing is now happening to my son .
22524/06/2004francescacheesemanI was at Verdala from '61-'63. My older brother Nick was at Verdala initially then went to Tal-Handaq. I don't remember any names, just the look of the school and the horrible coloured milk that was always left out in the sun and the seemingly endless coach journey to school from our flat on Balutta Bay at Sliema. I remember a female teacher who always made us move our seat on the coach as she wanted to site there! Hoping to come to reunion in 2005! Does anyone remember me? (My name is now Buxey)
22419/06/2004AlisonFarrar (Greenaway)I was at Verdala from 1958. I remember Commander PAINTER being the headmaster.
22318/06/2004RhonaJohnsonI was at Verdala and Tal Handaq 57-59. I was in Mr. Ousbey's class
I remember singing all the latest "pop songs" on the school bus. Fond Memories.
22208/06/2004JenniferWellard / WaterworthAt Verdala between 1957 and 1959 Dad was on HMS Forth, birthed in Msida Creek
Two sisters went to Tal Handaq
Lived firstly in St Julians, and then in Marshall Court, Gzira
I was in White House
Glad to say those buses are still just as much fun as before, only the worst ones have been taken off the road
22107/06/2004RuthFlaherty / CoombsMy twin sister and I were at Verdala between 1956 and 1958. We plan to attend the reunion with other old Verdalans.

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