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My sister Susan and I were at Verdala about 1969 to 1971 I was 8 - 10 years old and my sister did her 11 plus so she would have been about 12-14. The things I Remember were my teacher Mrs Howe and making Union Jack to wave for the Queens visit to the island. We all stood in the centre of the playground waving our flags at what the teachers thought was the Queens plane.. Id love to hear from anyone. I lived in Kalkara and Sliema.
61903/02/2013DavidReadI was at Verdala 1970/71. Teachers were Mrs Butler in the first year juniors and Mrs Tolliday in the second year. I fondly remember mass football games behind the classroom block adjacent to the sports field.
61818/01/2013Nicholas 'nicky'EvansHello one and all. Since my last posting on this site in 2004 I sadly have revisited the school since I left in 1968. Reading thru some of msgs, perhaps one should make the effort as it would appear not much of the school will remain for too much longer. Some memories that spring to mind are the school panto 'The Owl and the Pussycat' Sometime around '66 or '67; playing with marbles which were all the rage in the playground and sack races on sports days. Does anyone remember Mrs Ransome who sadly died during termtime? Funny how alot of happy memories are stirred just by looking at this website. suddenly I'm transported back to those epic bus journeys to and from Ta'biex where we lived on the seafront.....
61725/12/2012LynneJenkinsI was at school in Verdala in 1957 - at the age of 7yrs. I had come from Portsmouth High School in Hampshire, England - which was a Girls Public Day School Trust (GPDST) school and very good academically. However, when I returned there after only a year in Verdala, I was basically a whole term ahead of the others - and bored stiff for that length of time!
61615/12/2012DavidWoolfendenHi Ex Verdalans, I recently saw an article about the Rialto cinema in Cospicua, and plans underway to preserve the cinema for future generations. My brothers and sisters loved going there every saturday in the late 50's (it only opened, evidently in the mid 50's). I thought if there were any ex-Rialto fans out there you might like to look at this link:-
61527/10/2012PeterMilesI was at Verdala from 1960 to 1962. I must have been 7-9 years old. They were happy years. I remember the place as big and well regimented, and recall 'marching' inline from class to class. Cannot say I remember the names of my teachers but I do recall them being dedicated and personable. The one memory that does 'stick' is playing very elaborate games of marbles in what I remember as improvised sandy 'ditches' or 'hollows' behind the the swing sets at one end of the site. Anyone else recall this? Lived in Msida overlooking the creek and opposite the main catholic church and have strong memories of trips to Paradise and Golden Bay beaches and also being a cub scout....we were neighbours of the Mill's family who had a son John and daughter Jane who also went to Verdala...and the families keep in touch to this live in Virginia, USA.
61430/09/2012KarenMitchellSpent my first years of infant school at Verdala, 1965-1967 Can't remember much about it. I know I was in Hawkins group. Was in L Charleworths class to begin with and finished in Miss Mitchells class. Had a friend named Geraldine Maguire and lived in St Julians Court.
61318/08/2012TerryGordonI attended Verdala from 1961-62 when I was 10-11. My father was PTI at Kalafrana and we lived at Birzebugia. Came to school on Bus 7, it always won. Still have school reports. Remember going on school outings to car factory at Paula and to power station somewhere. After all this time, still remember Jenny Day.
61231/07/2012DanielleDeaton(Nee Millar)1972-1975 (aged 6 - 9). Rope rigging climbing frames. Ambulances coming everyday to get kids who'd fallen from said rigging climbing frames. Brilliant sports days. Strange smells from the kitchens. Sun warmed mid-morning milk (yuk!)Singing on the bus going to school. The swimming pool on hot days. As an ex RAF kid, I can honestly say it was the best school I ever went to.
61112/05/2012SarahNee GoodhewI was very excited to find this site - my mother was Head of the school back in the 1960s (Pat Collins) and it was moving to see her picture on here. She died a couple of years ago I have lots of papers and old photos still to sort through, though in most cases I have no idea who people are. Perhaps when I sort through I could post some on here and get some help!
61029/04/2012SusanReynardI attended Verdala school from 1957 aged just 10 until moving to Tal Handaq following the 11 plus exam . I was in Miss Rowe`s class in the ditch before moving up to the main school and into Mr.Ross`s class. I think I was in Mr. Wiltshire`s class too.I remember Geraldine Pocock, Ann Marie Wilson, Margaret..Sinclair,(Was his first name Ian) Sandra Lewis,I was in the recorder group and remember progressing from the descant to treble recorder.I would love to attend a reunion.Where can I find the information. I have to say that my school years at Verdala stood me in good stead for the rest of my life. I have such happy memories of those years ..I lived in Churchill Flats, Prince of Wales Road, Sliema. My father was on HMS Forth.
60906/04/2012SueAdamsIf anyone has any memorabilia of Verdala/Tal Handaq and would like it to be preserved, please go to and read about the archives.Some Naval input would be appreciated!
Many thanks, Sue
60822/02/2012JenMannRoyal Naval School Malta. Infants I happaned to be there in 1952/53. Just found up my report for school Headmaster Mr Bellamy, Teacher a Mrs Jessup.Have photograph of being there, also have been back to visit.
60719/02/2012JoLeyI was at Verdala from 72-75. I was in Mr Collins class, he was brilliant! I was in the netball team and in a school play and played one of the 3 witches. I had blonde hair' quite small and brother Robert was in year above me. I was excited to see photos which brought back huge memories.
60618/02/2012LynnHorsfallI was at Verdala in 1960 -62. I think I was in 4C, Miss Candey's class. I know I went on to Tal Handak before returning to UK. We stayed in Egmont Close. Sliema. I recall names Bobby Thurlow, Gale X, Cynthia X Beryl X, Jenny Fields, Chris Phillips, Valerie and Jackie Duncan, all with whom I remember playing; running around the Egmont compound. Does anyone recall the "Dock yard" club, that was just around the corner from Egmont. It used to have Christmas paties, and in the summer months, would hold bingo sessions, on Friday nights, in the tennis courts at the rear. It was great family fun.
60506/02/2012Gerald (Gerry)DuffettAmazed to find this forum, I was at Verdala from mid 1959 to late 1961, since I joined in the middle of the term I started in 2D2 in the huts by the drive, learned some useful things such as knitting! Moved to 2D1 then to 3C, memorable for Mrs. Hodgeson reading such books as Swa
60406/02/2012Gerald (Gerry)DuffettAmazed to find this forum, I was at Verdala from mid 1959 to late 1961, since I joined in the middle of the term I started in 2D2 in the huts by the drive, learned some useful things such as knitting! Moved to 2D1 then to 3C, memorable for Mrs. Hodgeson reading such books as Swallows and Amazons to us which gave me a love of books which I keep to this day. Then went to 4B with Mrs. Rowe, did not do so well until they found out I needed glasses! Have fond memories of Verdala, the climbing frame, playing marbles in the dirt next to it, playing for the school football team as goalkeeper in 1960, nobody else wanted the job, the rush to bus to get home, first to Cospicua, (Old Poor Street), then Kalafrana, (married quarters).
60331/12/2011GeoffreyBamberMemories of Verdala 1951-54 The Big Puddle

The playground at Verdala used to be stone chips and dust. One day in 53/54 we were surprised to find a large (for the 1950s) concrete mixer sitting in the middle of the area where the junior boys played football. By the end of the day it had been joined by a heap of heavy timber, a heap of stones and a heap of sand. The next day a squad of Maltese workmen turned up and after much discussion started to build shuttering round an area of the playground.

This fascinated us as the base seemed to be randomly placed and was nowhere near any of the buildings. What was it for and why was it in the middle of the football pitch?

The mixer was persuaded into life and the area filled with concrete which was tamped down using a very long and heavy piece of timber with 2 workmen on each end. Once the block had cured for a week or so the shuttering was removed. We were still none the wiser and it was a damned nuisance to the footballers.

The mixer was moved to the other side of the playground and the process repeated with an apparently randomly placed block near the infants' (prison) block. As I recall only the 2 blocks were laid that year due to material shortages and I assume the whole playground was covered eventually.

Many of you will know that under the playground is an immense water tank designed to flood the magazines of the Cotonera Lines in an emergency. This is where the water for the concrete came from and since the well lid was open one playtime I can confirm its presence and that it looked, to a small boy,very deep.

As it does from time to time in Malta, it rained heavily and because the tamping beam had sagged under its own weight, we had a large puddle, more than an inch deep in the centre and covering most of the concrete block. Here were a couple of hundred sons of the sons of the sea and what happened next was almost inevitable. The Gregale was blowing quite strongly and someone threw a piece of stick into the puddle which the wind blew over to the other side. Stick racing was the start.

It did not last long as the next day someone produced a piece of wood with a bow carved on one end. Soon everyone had one. Masts were first made from matchsticks and fitted with paper sails but soon moved on to using cocktail sticks. Single masts gave way to 2 then 3 and even 4. A wooden boat building industry had been established and every junior boy carried a penknife and sandpaper. (If one knife is found in a Scottish school today the owner is isolated and the Police called!) Galleons became the fashion and everyone tried to make theirs the best and fastest. Pencil sharpeners were dismantled and the blades used as rudders, drawing pins, used as bottom ballast were disappearing from pictures everywhere and exercise books (jotters if you are Scottish) lost their centre pages to make sails. Half round moulding and large dowel were at a premium and several mothers found their broom and mop handles were now 6 inches shorter.

Meanwhile, the puddle was slowly drying up.

The centre of the puddle was barely half an inch deep when one morning a boy, Alan Beveridge I think, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out an Oxo tin. (Oxo Cubes came 6 to a small rectangular tin with rounded corners and an overlapping lid.) He proceeded to jamb the lid vertically in the tin about a third of the way along.

We were not impressed until he put it down at the edge of the puddle whence it flew across with amazing speed, covered several feet of dry concrete and stopped about 6 feet from the concrete block.

That was the end of the wooden boat building industry. Penknives were returned to drawers at home ? everyone now just carried an Oxo tin.

Despite all the woodcarving that was going on I don't recall any major accidents. Sure most of us got the odd nick in a finger but a quick lick was all that was required.

If you read this article following an entry in the Chit Chat facility then you are probably right ? I did find an Oxo tin in my workshop.
60202/12/2011DianaGoymer Nee ShipwayJoined Verdala in May 1957 in the 2nd year.
Was in Miss Rowe's class in 'the Ditch' in the 3rd Year & again in Miss Rowe's 4th Year class Sept '58 - July '59.
60120/10/2011JaneMurad (Nee Carrell)Rex Carrell's daughter. The Email Button will pass on messages to Jane Murad (Nee Carrell)
60001/10/2011LesleyWightman/ParksI was at Verdala from 1959 to 1960/1 ish. I always used to sya that my teacher was Miss Woodlouse, it turns out she was Miss Holmwood. The mind of a five year old. I remember doing a project on the Marie Celest, which seems odd for a five year old, but I have absolutely no idea what happened to that piece of work.

I also remember that we always used to encourage the bus drivers to race each other shouto=ing at them Go faster driver, but sometimes saying Daddy instead of driver. What fun we had.
59902/09/2011AnneCoyleI was at verdala between 1958 to 1963 then one year at tal handak. I just loved netball and was in the team. Was friends with Janet Tiple. My father was stationed in Lascaras. will look for a picture i may still have when I get back to uk. I am in malta at the moment, I just love the island. Still have our same home here.
59829/08/2011KevinMasonattended verdala from 1053/ father worked at Dingli radio station. happy memories !!
59723/08/2011JillNurseI have vivid memories of starting school at Verdala in 1962. Only there a year before we came home, but I have just found my yellow Hawkins tie and belt and a year book. Will try to upload pics - great to find this website!
59628/07/2011VincentRamseyHi everyone, I just thought I'd pop by and say hello, and see how everyone is, as it is a couple of years since I last visited the site.
59516/07/2011AndrewLey-GreavesI was at Verdala 1968-1970 as were my brother and sister,have lots of fantastic memories of a marvellous school,howe3ver i cannot remember any of the names of the excellent teachers.
One of my best memories was being voted captain of Hawkins house,and is there anyone who remembers,"i think it may have been the geography teacher"bring in his fantastic South American blowpipe and darts,a target was made at the back of the classroom and the whole class had several shots at it,Absolutely Brilliant.
59416/07/2011TheWebmasterA famous and talented ex Verdalan
59314/07/2011JohnBarrettHave recently discovered this wonderful site. I was in malta 1955 - 1958. Lived first in Paula St. Taxien and then in Flat 1 Block C Kalafrana. Went to Verdala. Don't remember much about the school apart from the fact that I wore a yellow tie, (whichever house that was?). My father was a CPO based at Kalafrana and Hal-Far. There seems to be a dirth of people/info. between 55-58 which is strange as the Suez crisis was in full swing and many more Naval personnel were posted to Malta at that time. Have lots of very fond memories of my time in Malta and lots of photo's that my father took. Not sure how to get them uploaded into the gallery.(not very computer literate). Would love to hear from anyone in Kalafrana at that time.
59209/07/2011AlastairNewmanFor those with an iPhone / iTouch et al, there are 2 FREE Apps on the Apple Store: Visit Malta and Malta Culture Guide.
59105/07/2011ChristineMcCallAttended 1961 first year infants. My sister Elaine attended 1960-61.Mrs Pontings was her teacher. sadly my sister died August'61 age 6yrs and we returned to UK. I do remember a little. Great site
59004/07/2011WendySawyerWent to school 1958/9 to 1962. Lived in Bishop Caruana Street near Msida Creek. Went to ballet classes and did horse riding with Saturday morning treks led by Paddy(?) I remember dancing in the Xmas show Sinbad as a rosebud. Does anyone recall watching the eclipse through smoked class in the playground?
58926/06/2011MarkRiddellI was at Verdala 72-73. was in mr Sandersons class cmdr Bond was the Headmaster. I remember the bus races and one crashing one day. we had 2 bus drivers, slowy joe and speedy birnie. I remember the wild and nice gardens. Had a lovely time there.
58810/06/2011JanineMcNeilWas in Malta and at Verdala from 58-61. Went to visit school today while here on holiday, struggling with what i remember, could do with some help
58709/06/2011ScottLonganAttended Verdala 1966. I am the single on the back row of the Gituar Club picture from 1966. Memories of reading a lot of books in the library and even having a garden at school.
58607/06/2011PeterCrowhurstI was at Verdala 58-61. My father worked at the wireless station at Dingli. I am trying to locate the exact position of the station. Can anyone help? Was it opposite the old RAF radar building?

Happy memories at Verdala of the Sports Days, the marbles, football at Manoel Is, travelling on the school bus through the dockyard and having stones thrown at us (yet didn't Mintoff's daughter go to the school?).
58506/06/2011PaulPurnellAt Verdala and Tal handaq around 62-64 but cannot remember sequence nor many names. Have uploaded 5 pictures. One is sports day i think 63. the only name i recall is Rona Smith who was a great athlete. i must have been in the same house as her as i am one of the 4 receiving the winner's cup. i also won 5 medals which i still have in their original small red boxes. Also piture of football team of 64( i am holding the ball) and a class photo9 i am back row fourth from right) not sure of year. best wishes
58415/05/2011AnneHooperI have just by chance discovered this site and am thrilled to have found it.
I was at Verdala aged 7-9 from 1962-1964, in 1AJ with Mrs Farrugia-Bell (who terrified me)in 62/63 and in 2AJ with the kindly Mr Woodhams in 63/64. I have one photo I am going to upload of 2AJ in 1963/4 into the Gallery.
I was in Ms Rowe's ballet class and part of the 1963 "Nutcracker" - I haven't seen any photos of this amazing event and would love to receive some if anyone has one. I remember in particular 2 ballet stars Vanessa (surname?) and Celia (surname?) who danced the solos (Sugar Plum Fairy and the like) en pointe. I remember rehearsing in a studio in Gzira (or Sliema?). My family lived in Paula Flats, Gasan Court, Gzira... and my friends were Linda Oliver, Katherine (surname?) and Alex (surname?) - the latter 2 lived across the road in Helena (?) flats.
At school I remember Belinda Ousbey and Ben Holland-Martin, both in my class.
What an amazing trip "down memory lane" this site is. Malta was a magical time in my life - never forgotten.
58324/04/2011VivBriceFascinating site. I was at Verdala from 1956 to 1958, taking my 11+ there before moving back to UK. I returned to Malta as a Midshipman in an RN Minesweeper in 1965, and the next time I visited was in 2008. Much had changed yet much was the same. Lovely to see the buses that were old when used as our school buses, still apparently in use.
I will upload a picture of the Verdala school gate, in a sad state of disuse. Those old school days were happy days!
58230/03/2011TonyClark.More snapshots of life in Malta.
I have just be looking at my school reports from my Verdala days, and one thing is apparent, all of my form teachers and our illustrious head Commander Bellamy, were of the same opinion,and in fact kept quoting the same phrase, COULD DO BETTER! As an active 9-10 year old thrown into a new enviroment which consisted of half day schooling, copious quantities of sunshine,not to mention swimming,sailing,canoeing,fishing, football,scouting etc.I can remember trying to explain to my father as he read my term report each time my teachers were all completely wrong, and that I was trying my upmost to excel in, yes you have guessed it swimming,sailing.
conoeing,fishing,football,scouting etc. But he wouldnt have it.
I remember one activity was a day at sea, on an ocean going tug, secured for me by my father.
We were to tow a target for HMS Saintes to use in a live firing exercise. The sea was very rough and when the destroyer fired her first rounds they landed so close that the delicious but very hot curry we were enjoying ended up every where. The Maltese tug skipper was not best pleased with the RN and made sure they
realised this fact.
During later years I witnessed the Irish president on an official visit to Malta.
Her procession formed up outside the Phoenica.
Two mounted police leading, followed by her limo
and a further four mounted police to the rear,
all closely followed by a little man in a hi-vis
jacket, pulling a brown wheelie bin and carrying a short handled shovel. He ran the entire length of Republic Street.Surely that could only happen in Malta.
58116/03/2011GeoffreyBamberMemories of Verdala 1951-4 The Climbing Frame As can be seen in the photo section of the site, the climbing frame was a substantial construction designed to keep servicemen fit and covered with a heavy rope net with holes about 6 inches square. It was always a favourite and we raced up and down it frequently, often playing Tig. Another favourite climbing frame game was Kingball where, as with Tig, you were not allowed to touch the ground. We were always joined in these games by a girl from our class called Irene Isles (where is she now?) who, to say the least, was somewhat of a tomboy. She gave no quarter and armed with a tennis ball was absolutely lethal.

The surprising thing was the dearth of accidents during these activities, although I think the frame was Out of Bounds for a while after someone in another class breaking a limb. We transferred our games to a group of small trees that flourished next to the black bog site. Modern Health & Safety officials would have a fit at all this frenetic activity but these were different times where people, even schoolboys, took more responsibility for their personal safety.
58007/03/2011DavidWoolfendenIt was a sunny afternoon in the summer of 1959. I was at Ricasoli lido with some of my Verdala chums. We had been charging about all afternoon bombing,diving and doing all the normal things healthy, excited 11 year olds do.
As it was getting towards late afternoon we all had our eyes peeled for the arrival of the naval tender boat(remember that?)to take us back to Vittoriosa where most of us lived.
Its departure from Custom house steps was duly espied by us and this sent the excitement levels to a fever pitch as we dashed around collecting our kit, anxious of literally "missing the boat". We chased along the jetty past the diving boards on our way to the pick up point. I was tail-end charlie, and passed a group of navy matelots listening to an accordianistplaying on the quay.
Pumped full of high spirits and adrenaline I dropped an uncomplimentary comment as I dived through the crowd at full throttle thinking I was A) being very funny, and B) travelling fast enough to avoid any unpleasant consequences.
Unfortunately, I was neither of these two things.
One of the audience moved quick as a greyhound and caught me after a few yards. He hauled me back to the accordian player by the scruff of the neck and made me apologise first to the musician and again to the audience for being so rude.
This shocked me deeply and certainly took the wind right out of my sails for the rest of the day. To depress me further, I found I had missed the tender boat as well!
I am now 62 year's old and still ashamed of that comment I made to the musician back in 1959 when I was a schoolboy.
I will remember what that matelot taught me at Ricasoli for the rest of my life.
57922/02/2011RobertLavensI was a pupil there in 1962/63 I think before we went off to Singapore and my Dad worked at Kalafrana.
57819/02/2011GeoffreyBamberMemories of Verdala 1951-54(3) Most of the time I was at Verdala I took school lunches which were served in the school hall. When we were hard up I took sandwhiches but I don't remember where I ate them. I remember little of the school meals either except for Bread and Jam Fritters which were an occasional delicacy. The recipe was very simple:- take two slices of white bread and spread raspberry jam on one slice. Make into a sandwhich and cut in two diagonally. Then dip in batter and deep fry until golden brown. They tasted like jam doughnuts and went down very well.

The kitchen was at the back of the hall which was Out of Bounds as I recall but that never stopped us harassing the kitchen ladies for extras. If the supervisor was there we were out of luck but most of the time we were lucky, sometimes to the extent of a whole one each which we took down to the old rifle range area, also out of bounds and ate with great relish.
57706/02/2011GeoffreyBamberMemories of Verdala 1951-54 (2) When I went to Verdala the junior boys toilet was a black painted corrugated iron hut to the right of the Junior Block. Strangely it had no windows nor lights, the only light came in through the door way - there was no door either as I recall. When you left the bright Maltese sun you took your life in your hands in the stygian gloom. Most of us preferred constipation to investigating whatever facilities sat in the back of the hut. I seem to remember that it was known as the Black Hole of Verdala.

However, on returning after a holiday (Sept 1952 probably) we were taken aback to find that it had totally disappeared - all that remained was the steel framework that held up the watertank. Further investigation showed that we had been given the use of what had been the male teachers' toilets inside the Junior Block. It was luxury, not only did it have windows but also lights.

57601/02/2011MarilynHills (Nee Ayers)I attended what I think was the first Reunion. I have recently retired and am a new 'Silver Surfer' I have a photo of Class 2A in 1954 which my daughter kindly posted on to my e-mail so that I could send it on to you. Help, I can't figure out how to do that and I do so want to get this photo in the gallery. I might be wrong but I think the teacher was Mrs Dempsey, I am standing at the far right of the photo and I think one of the girls in the front row was named Jennifer Dodds. I've only just got around to putting my details on the roll call today although I've looked at this site before.
57524/01/2011PaulineHargreaves now MendezKathleen - which part of Ireland? I am in Bangor in the North. Was at Verdala in June 1957 and the whole of 1958 and then moved to Tal'handaq until 1960. You missed a great reunion in September 2010 in Malta.
57409/01/2011KathleenFlynn (Now Wise)I attended RNS Verdala from Nov 1960 until October 1962. I still have my school reports. My teacher s from Jan'61 until July '62 was Ms Moore and I have very fond memories of her. I was in 4B when I left the school to return to Ireland. My teacher's name was Townsend - no memories there!
My sisters Ailish and Una also attended the school.
57309/12/2010BrianDonnellyStarted school here in 1950. Still have Summer Term report signed by A H Miles. I don't remember any names as I wasn't there long before we went to Australia. Father based at Hal Far and we lived at what I remember as Biradeb (but cannot find that on map) and then Marsa
57203/12/2010PeterBarrettEnjoyed looking at the site and recognised a few of the faces from the mid 1970's - happy memories.
57101/12/2010WilliamPettitWhat a great find! I and my brother Alan attended Verdala between 1957 - 1961. We lived in Zephyr Flats in Gzira and remember the ride to school on the bus, overtaking other buses when the driver could. it was great to see photos of Mr Jackson and Miss Candey, two of my favourite teachers.
I used to love the marble pitch as well and remember calling out " hit it 3 times and you win it" as I placed one of my toy cars on the pitch to get my marble collection ever larger!
Also delighted to see a photo of me as a cub scout in the gallery.
57021/09/2010SallyWagner (Nee Skelton)Marcel, Judy (sister) and I would just like to put on record how immensely we enjoyed the reunion. Thank you so so much absent Andrew and also very present Pauline - you did THE most wonderful job and, also Christiane whose choice of restaurants for the two get-together meals was impeccable - and so so unfussed. We three all felt that as long as one kept a bit away from the fairly-high-rise developements that so appeal to the tourists!! the rest of us who are, OF COURSE, NOT tourists but almost residents! - can hardly notice that change has taken place. We just had an absolutely heavenly time and all the organisation was SO smooth - thank you again SO much for all your efforts. Sally and Marcel Wagner and Judy Skelton
56931/08/2010RitaDebattistaRe-Union of the Royal Navy School Verdala at St. Margaret College Boys Secondary Verdala
on Wednesday 15th September 2010

Dear all,

I am looking forward to meeting former students and teachers of RNS Verdala Malta whom I met during the re-union held in Malta during Sept 2005 and of course it will also be my pleasure to meet others who did not make it last time.

I hope that you will enjoy the programme that I have organised in collaboration with Pauline Mendez. This will include a short film about the school. Then my presentation will focus on the photos of the graffiti still up to now visible on the walls surrounding the retrenchment. Two guest speakers will briefly comment about their experiences at Verdala. The group will have time to roam about the premises which as most of you know was renovated between July 2006 to Sept. 2008.

At our school we have set up the school archives where we store material related to our Verdala Story. These items are then exhibited on special occasions. We would really appreciate any original or photocopied material related to RNS Verdala to continue enriching our archives. The present students especially those taking Geography and History as an option are particularly keen to view and study items related to the rich history of our site. Coming from the field of Geography I always emphasise that it is important for the students to know the history of their immediate surroundings in order to fully appreciate the location as it is now.

In case there are individuals who cannot make it for this re-union they can always contact me if they happen to be coming over to Malta so that we still can offer them a guided tour just the same.

Wish all those coming over to Malta a great re-union!

56830/08/2010NicolaLachlanMy brother, Simon Lachlan, and I were at Verdala in about 1954. My father worked at Lascaris for Lord Mountbatten who was the C in C. I was in Miss Hartley's Form 2B. She was very fierce and I was terrified of her. The headmaster was Cdr Bowie. I was Sleeping Beauty in the pantomime of that name, produced, I think, by Miss Rowe. I ended up in Form 4A. The teaching was v good. I got the 11 plus as soon as I returned to the UK, aged 10.
56713/08/2010CarolBennett 1952 - 1954.I am astonished at how many names I CAN'T remember. One of the problems I always found was that people came and went all the time with their father's posting.Lived in Sliema so had the best and worst of the bus rides.Many happy memories but not of school milk and school dinners! Swimming,rollerskating,more swimming.
Father was a Civil Servant, yeh I know.
56611/08/2010LindaRossVerdala'59/'60. Tal-Handaq '60/61.(Happiest days of my chidhood!) Miss Butters' class: 4C1. White house.Thanks to private coaching with Miss Candey (maths a no-go subj. for me!)at her Valletta flat, managed to pass 11+ second time. Father: officer HMS Ausonia, Manoel Is. lived in Msida. People I remember from that class: Trudy Begg, Fiona Alexander, Ann Bridgeland, Josephine Smith, Michael Smith, Tessa Trench. At school played marbles down near the climbing frame, or jacks in the shade of the portico beneath the classroom.
Frequently swam at RN. beach Manoel Is., the beaches, summer rollerskating on the flood-lit tennis courts opp., NAAFI, Man. Is., riding at Paddy Kidd's, Marsa. What a wonderful life! Anyone recall me?
Have looked at Tal-Handaq list of pupils and recognise many more names.
What an extraordinary treat to find this site - at MY age!!
56503/07/2010TimOutteridgeI was at Verdala in 1966 and was in St Vincent House. I was in either 4AS or 4JS.
56420/06/2010Dee (Denise)HeathI was at Verdala from 1961 to 1962. Woody Woodhams....still remembered with great fondness.
56308/06/2010JohnPilbeamHi! I was at Verdala from 1947 to 1952. The Headmaster was Mr Benton and my form teacher was Miss Winterbottam [giggle giggle] My father was CPO Jack Pilbeam HMS Liverpool, he served two terms as the Lower Deck Representative. We lived in Seglea
56205/06/2010CarlWoodIs there anyone out there who was in Miss Leslie's Class in 1966, the year has some resonance with me as it is the last time England won the world cup
56101/06/2010StephenMurrayI, my older brother and sister all attended verdala school from 1957 - 1959, our family name was Riggs back then our stepfather's name. recently i have been back to revisit my childhood and the only location that i was unable to find is the site of the school, can any one furnish me a with pin point position on the map, was it in Zabar?.
56030/05/2010JuliaJohnsonWow! Looking at the site is bringing back a lot of memories! Woody Woodhams - great teacher - always remember how kind he was!
55927/05/2010LizMardelJo, I've put an answer in the Forum - Staff Room section.
55825/05/2010JoMogridge Now WoodallDoes anyone know the whereabouts of Mrs Farrugia or her family? I was in her class in 57 or 58 and remember thinking it strange that a "Maltese" teacher spoke with such a strong Scottish accent!
55709/05/2010SamanthaParr (Was Loftus)Great site so glad I found it! Does anyone know what happened to Mrs Medlicott? I was in Miss Grimes' class 1973/4 (ish) and then moved on to Luqa and had Mrs Medlicott there but both she and Mr Medlicott had been at Verdala. If anyone remembers me get in touch! I had an older sister, Tracy, at Tal Handaq.
55618/04/2010GaryDaveyI was at Verdala from about 1960 to 1962. There were 4 of us Davey's but Mark the youngest was probably too young at that time to attend.
Paul, John and Gary did attend. I remember Mrs Postings and some others will come to me I'm sure. I was 5-7 years old. My Dad was a Medic in the Navy. I went on to Royal Hospital School in Ipswich. I went back to Malta for a day in 1978 ish with the RAF.
55518/04/2010ChantalStewartI was at Verdala from 1956 to 1958. In January 1957 someone pushed me off the top of a wall and I broke my ankle. Luckily Spring was lovely that year and I revised my English grammar for two months in the super garden of Villa Zammit in Sliema until my ankle got better. My Dad was on the C-in-C's staff in the Navy. I remember the N?36 bus racing to school with its amazing 'italian style' klaxon.
55413/04/2010StevenJewelli attended verdala and tal handaq schools in the 1970's 74 to 76 i would love to hear from any body who remebers me
55302/04/2010ElsieBrowni went to st andrews school in pembrook st julians as well as my sister my brother james and sister eileen went to tal handaq school im looking for the green family micheal and patricia .susan.jenifer last heard in austrailer i go to malta often and visit my old school and take photos my home is in dover
55223/03/2010LizMardel (McMeeking)Bill and Geoffrey - Did you see that Pauline and Barry Fenton have both signed this Guest Book at different times? Click on the 'Sort by Surname' tab and just scroll down.
55123/03/2010GeoffBamberThanks Liz. Yes I did. They are not related. Pauline's family came as Barry's left. Bizarrley they lived in the same flat in Vittoriosa as far as I remember.
55021/03/2010GeoffreyBamberBill McLean - Your Father must have known my Dad as he was a regular at Miss Toner's Rose Shamrock & Thistle Bar. We lived almost opposite, facing St. Lawrence's Church. Barry Fenton was a pal of mine. Somewhere I have a pic or two of the regulars supping their Symonds,Farsons & Cisks, I must look it out for you. Alec Guiness drank there during the filming of The Malta Story.
54917/03/2010William (Bill)McLeanattended verdala 1952-54. lived in marsaskala then pawla. my chum was christopher head who also lived in dockyard street,pawla, also remember barry fenton, whose dad and mine used to have a drink together on a sunday in a pub called the rose, shamrock and thistle in vittoriosa In 1958-60 was in singapore and met two girls in the prize list at verdala 1954, Judy wheeler and Sandra Trundle. I retired in 1994 aged 50 and lived in marsaskala until 2000
when returned to Scotland to be near my mum was getting on. Bill Mc Lean
54805/03/2010WebmasterWebmasterAlastair is returning home to Scotland in April. Missing the cold, the snow and all the challenges and problems the UK has to offer! Living and working on an idyllic and backward island in the Carribean sounds great but after a while it becomes rather boring. Missing good food and good company. Sun and turquoise seas can become rather tedious at times and anyway, you cannot beat the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland for scenery. Best regards to all - Alastair
54703/03/2010AnneBeveridgeAttended Verdala '66 to '69 and lived in Egmont Close the last year. Loved the Web site. Brought back so many memories, especially the swimming pool and that disgusting warm milk. Was in Ms. Farrujia's (??) class when I left and have many fold memories of her. She was a lovely teacher. Thanks for putting the Web site together and to everyone for sharing their memories.
54608/02/2010AnnBurtonI attend Verdala from 1960 to Summer 1962. I was in Mr Radcliff's class. The 2 1/2 years I was there were my last 2 years at primary school.
My dad was running two cub packs in his sparetime.
Loved looking at the photos, but didn't see any pupils I recognised.
Wonder if there is anyone who remembers me?
54529/01/2010DavidFosterAttended Verdala 1955-1957? Father officer in charge Diving School Manoel Island.Brother William Foster attended Tal Handaq.Anybody remember us? I now live in Australia and would be interested to hear from anyone as I might be came across this site and has memories coming back.
54423/01/2010SueJenkinsLovely to find this super site, I have so enjoyed trawling through it and looking at all the photos.
I taught at Verdala 1961-63, locally-engaged when my husband was serving on HMS Ausonia.What a delight to see photos of Miss Candey, Peter Ross and others that I remembered. Sparked me off and I'm beginning to remember things I didn't even know I'd forgotten!
We had a great three years in Malta and I have always wanted to go back. I don't think my husband has been so keen to recapture his lost youth- till this year when he has suggested that we celebrate my 70th ( ouch!)birthday with a holiday in Malta. I am so excited that I almost feel 21 again! Roll on May!
54314/01/2010SamGrahamI have just registered with the site. Lived in Malta from 1974-1977. Lived in Tigne Barracks and went to Verdala and St Andrews and have actually got school year books for both schools with lots of photos to scan and upload!! Will be intresting to see what memories they stir!!
54212/01/2010SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnLovely looking at pictures of the school.Progress is great but memories linger on
54111/01/2010PaulDitcherI would love to hear about any upcoming reunions.My sister and I attended the school from 71-73. Im a regular summer visitor to Malta and would love to correspond with anyone who would love to share wonderful memories.
54005/01/2010LynBurdenMy sister Jan, brother Mark and myself Lyn (Burden) all attended Verdala school from 1961 until 1963. I passed my 11+ from 4A I think the teacher was Mr. King, I remember he was a great teacher. In 2c my teacher was Mrs. Fallon, a lovely lady. We all remember the school with fantastic memories. Cdr. Sumnall was the head, fond memories of the climbing frames, buses, sunshine and lots of fun. I have a Vice-Captain badge for Nelson, possibly from 1963, can't remember who the Captain was, perhaps someone else does!
53902/01/2010LynnePooleMaiden name: Lynne Diana Merrin

I went to Verdala in 1954 - moving on to Tal-Handaq after the 11+exam. Father posted to RNAS Hal-Far - later to HMS Woodbridge-Haven. We left Malta in 1958. Lived in Birzebbuga on the seafront.
53801/01/2010JanWaltersJust found the Verdala website and trawling through the messages found one from Chris Jenkins sent in March 2002..... yes, I am the Jan Walters he mentioned! I attended Verdala 1961-64, and well remember Mr Radford in 4AJ. That school made such an impact and many fond memories. My younger brother (Stephen) was in the Infants Department at the same time, with myolder brothers (Andrew, James and Philip) attending Verdala in the late 50's.
53727/12/2009SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnAt last contact between Joi and I . Lots of e-mails flying thru the ether and even photos. Look forward to being at the Re-union in Sept.2010 Many thanks to this guestbook for making all possible
53627/12/2009IanSumnallThe photo you have of Christiane Morris at Sports Day 1964 shows my mum giving her the medal with my father Commander Kenneth Sumnall who was the Headmaster from 1961 1964 standing next to her. I will find some photos of him and the staf and send them to yo later,
Regards Ian Sumnall
53516/12/2009DorothyHickmottCan't believe that I have just seen a picture of me aged 10 at the Sports Day in 1956. Thats mean in the front row to the right 'jumping the gun'.
My granddaughter is wanting to search family history--what I will have to show her when she visits at Christmas!
Anyone remember Miss Jessup?
53424/11/2009SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnCould I please ask for my name to be contacted when 2010 re-union venue is available. Thank you
53319/11/2009SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnMany thanks to Jane Banks Liz Mardel and David Woolfenden for their help and advice about contacting OV'S.Will keep reviewing site as I hvae not been able to contact Joi(Joy) Taylor yet. And yes the sun still shines in Malta and I hear they are phasing out our "school buses"in which we had fun racing to school from Kalafrana in Skinny and Fatty Banana regards Sheila
53218/11/2009RobBrownI attended rns verdala 1956-1958. I cant say that I remember any names but can remember the school very well, My father was a CPO and served on HMS surprise which was moored at Senglea point which is where i lived with my brother Tony and my sister Barbara. we spent our weekends at amongs others Golden sands. marsa scala, pretty bay,and
Recasali(if thats how its spelt)what a wonderful time that I had and I will never forget the wonderful experience which I was previliged to have. we travelled from england on a ship called the Empire Ken or Delwara, it took 7 days and had a great time also. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who was there around that time.
53117/11/2009SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnStill waiting for Joy Taylor to get in touch Am back from Malta hols.
53007/11/2009SheilaRichards-Hyde Nee SwinnWould like to find Joy Taylor, Valerie Fletcher, Maggie Woods. We lived at RNAS Kalafrana in Block C1 from I think 1949-1951,We had a large family and my Dad was CPO R Swinn. Attended Verdala and remember the Bus races of Fatty Banana and Skinny Banana on the way to school. Not many school photos but haver a few family shots. Anyone rember me or my brother Ronnie. Sheila Richards-Hyde nee Swinn
52903/11/2009JulianBrownridgeLovely to find this splendid website. So many happy memories of Malta and Verdala, where my older brother David and I attended 53/54, I in infants, he in juniors, but can't remember any class numbers. Those glorious bus rides to and from school! Ours was quite a swish Bedford but the fastest was a beaten up old American one. Sports days on the "field" and the swimming gala at Ricasoli - happy days. Who remembers the lemonade shop at the school?
I don't remember any names except my best mate Andrew Hudson - where are you now, Andrew? Visited the school on a holiday in 76 and the place hadn't changed much, but that's a long time ago now, so I wonder what it's like now? I have a photo of me with classmates performing at the Christmas 53 school concert if anyone's interested.
52818/09/2009DavidWoolfendenWhat a great site! Fantastic memories, I have been sitting here all day since finding the site. My life has been on hold whilst I indulge myself in nostalgia. I was a pupil at Verdala April 1957 to July 1960 and played right wing for the schools soccer "A" team (I'm going to supply a photo for the site later). My brother and sister Billy and Sandra also attended Verdala school. I was 11 when we left in 1960 so must have been in th 4th year. I think I was in Hawkins house(we wore yellow ties and belts anyway).Keep up the great site - fantastic
52707/09/2009ChrisEdgeJust come across this site as I plan my first visit back to Malta since 1960!! Attended Verdala in 59 and 60: Infants ?5 Miss Whitelaw and 1BJ Miss Parkinson.
Two friends I remember in 1BJ: Andrew Surridge and Douglas Pringle. Where are they now??!!
We lived in Birzebuggia - Dad worked at RNAS HalFar. Have just retired from a career in HM Diplomatic Service. Happy memories of Verdala, and the bus ride to and from school! Hope to see the school, and our apartment, again when I visit in a few weeks time.
52606/09/2009JoiTaylorJust a thought ... does anyone remember me I wonder ... Joi Taylor 1947-1950 ... or my good friend at the time ... Sheila Swinn and her brother Ronnie??
52502/09/2009AndrewTebbI was in Malta from Oct 63-65 and started school at Verdala in 1964, with my late elder brother Steven ( six years older). Steven went onto Tal-Handaq and went through afew classes from, I think 13 to 6 to 2? I have just started a teaching job in Cyprus, Geography.
52430/08/2009JoiTaylorI attended Tal Handaq RN School in 1947 and subsequently transferred to Verdala a year later. My teacher's name was Miss French ... I loved my time at Verdala and still remember "Skinny Banana and Fat Banana" our two buses from Kalafrana. Lunches were great at St Angelo Naval Base .. three course lunch, four at one table ... summer only half day at school and sunshine galore ...oh happy days. I have some photos which I will sort out and post at a later date.
52330/08/2009JoiTaylorFound this site today and cannot believe how many memories came flooding back .. I attended Verdala from 1948-1950 having previously attended Tal Handaq. Dad was stationed at Kalafrana but also worked at St Angelo ... Ice cream in a small cafe in Seliema once a week, yum!! Best ever! After running across the school grounds (with many others.. one at a time .. shouting "I'm free" ... I was cast as Jill in our school play ... Babes in the Wood ... spent most of my new found fame lying asleep on the floor in the woods .. Oh No......... I was thrown in the sea by Dad and told to paddle (could not swim at the time)I soon had a grasp on staying alive ...... I loved every minute of my three years in Malta .. but strangely enough have never returned. I have lived in USA, Germany, Cyprus, Egypt but have yet to return to Malta .. maybe next year!! Sahhah
52224/08/2009GeoffHarding1955-1957. HEAD MASTER Lieut Comm Bouy
52124/08/2009GeoffHardingAttended Verdala 1955-1957. Teacher was Mrs Robson, who lost her husband to a believed shark attack off one of the beaches. Remember the swimming galas at HMS Racasali and the boat ride to get there. Spent all my timeat Manoel Island swimming and diving.Happy days

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