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The Malta 2005 Reunion

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**Malta September 2005 Reunion Picture Upload Facility and Gallery**

Section started in 2003 [2 years in the planning]

This page will be used to present, direct and link information  relating to the proposed  Malta reunion scheduled to take place in  2005.  Many members of Verdala are not on the Internet and Email. If you know of anyone in this position please keep in communication with them so that they know what is going on.

Admittedly it is a long way off. However, due to the delayed  start in organising the event the hotel and travel arrangements for a sizable party does require pre-booking arrangements to be made well in advance. Many hotels and flights are already well booked for 2004.

Lin was in Malta during the whole month of  September 2003 and has started the ball rolling. The current Headmaster of the school is very enthusiastic about our visit.

The primary organiser is Lin Holdsworth supported by Liz Mardel ,  John Why and Alastair Newman

Lin is in charge of the overall event: travel, accommodation and functions. Liz and John will be our staff liaison officers and Alastair will run the website information flow/s.

Started: 5 October 2003

5 October 2003 Copy of the email broadcast 5 October 2003  
29 March 2004 The Reunion Plan and Booking Form  
**14 August 2005** REUNION update and preferences  
  Itinerary and Attendee List  
  Times of Malta article: Expatriates' first overseas reunion at former RN School, Verdala